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Weird noises in the night send the imaginations of three young girls soaring. Is it the rain, a dragon, an alien from outer space, or a ghost? As Olivia and her best friends seek the source of the sound, they discover that the truth is not as scary as their imaginations.
Suggested age range for readers 6-9.
The gorgeous illustrations are by Eugene Ruble.
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Christmas is the time for miracles, but sometimes a child must make her own miracle, and one for her siblings.

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ISBN:  978-0-9832740-4-0


Frankie Armadillo has too many brothers. His burrow is too crowded, so he sets off in search of the perfect home, just for him. But every place he likes is already occupied, sometimes by fierce looking creatures. Will Frankie find the perfect home?

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Print ISBN: 978-1-61633-162-7; 1616331623
eBook ISBN: 978-1-61633-163-4;16163311631

Illustrations by Alexander Morris

For ages 4-8