Sunday, January 10, 2021


Well  first make sure someone is watching. It's no fun to play by yourself. So look in the kitchen patio door and be sure your mom is there. She is and smiles at you.

Now that you have her attention, get busy. Grab a planket out of your doghouse. It smells kind of doggie so it needs airing out. Run with it to the back yard then go back for another blanket. Make sure Mom sees you on the patio. 

She does and smiles at you. Take another blanket out to the yard and let her know. 

So she looks outside and frowns. "What are you doing?" she asks you.

You nod your head and bark, wanting her to come see. By this time all five blankets are scattered around the yard.

Now, Mom is pretty sharp and she knows what you want. So, she gathers the blankets up, two at a time and throws them over the chain wire fence so they can get rid of the doggie odor and warm up a bit. She smiles when the blankets are all hanging on the fence. The wind is almost blowing them away, but she watches close. 

And Happy lies down on the grass to take a nap. Showing Mom what he wants her to do is tiresome. Soon his eyes close and he's dreaming of what he'll have to eat for supper.

Happy here. Yes, that's my name.

And it works. My blankets are all soft and good smelling now.

Sweet Dreams.