Monday, October 16, 2017


Quote for the week:

I hope you're enjoying autumn. Today (Sunday) has been really cool and breezy. The cool is good, the wind not so much. But I'm not complaining. I'm just pausing like the picture says and being happy.

I'd like to share another book I read recently. Enjoy.


By William Michael Davidson

Have you ever read a novel that made you wonder if the events in the story could happen in real life? If so, did it give you the chills? As I read THE REMNANT by Author William Michael Davidson it sure made me think. What if? I know this is a novel. I know it’s science fiction. But there is that question.

In the novel, when someone breaks the law they are sent to the island, which is a death sentence. The story opens with a man named Josh Mosley confessing his sin. What is the sin that sends him to death? Praying. Yes, praying. He tried to run away, but the people have a neurochip in their skull which makes it impossible for them to escape. Found guilty of his crime, he knew his fate.

Colton Pierce is the number one extractor for the Center for Theological Control (CTC), which deals with those who break the law. He’s in line for promotion to the top man. Sometimes life does not go as one plans, however. And Pierce’s life soon takes a dramatic turn. He has to make a choice: save his twelve-year-old son’s life from capture and death by the CTC or cling to his job he’s really good at and help the CTC capture him.

William Michael Davidson has written a novel that will make you think, at least it did me. Is it possible that such a thing could happen? Look at our world today and answer that question. The author did a nice job of keeping me guessing how things would turn out. Let’s just hope that this story does not come true. Recommended.

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Happy Listening.


  1. This cheered me no end Beverly, A hurricane is about to sweep Ireland and the UK AS I write.
    Oh dear.


    1. I'm so happy I could start your week of with cheers, Yvonne. Praying that you'll be safe from the hurricane. I've never seen so many in one year.

  2. Good to hear you enjoyed The Remnant.
    Awesome about the audio book giveaway this month!

    1. It's not normally the type of book I read, Alex, but the idea intrigued me. Glad I read it. Yes, I hope a lot of audio books sell. :)

  3. Making one think sure is the key to a good book. No more heat is a win too.

    1. Yes, it is, Pat. Absolutely ready for the cooler weather.

  4. William will be happy to hear you enjoyed The Remnant!

  5. Great deal on audiobooks. I love audiobooks, but they can be pricey.

    1. Yes, they can, Stephanie. Winning a free one would be like getting two for the price of one. :)