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Today I'm delighted to share Author Janet K. Brown's novel, WORTH HER WEIGHT, with you. It's a touching story that we see too often in real life. Enjoy.

Blurb from Good Reads:

How can a woman who gives to everyone but herself accept God’s love and healing when she believes she’s fat, unworthy, and unfixable? Can she be Worth Her Weight?

LACEY CHANDLER helps her mother, her sister, her friend, and then she binges on food and wonders is there really a God?
BETTY CHANDLER hates being handicapped and useless, so she lashes out at the daughter that helps, and the God who doesn’t seem to care.
TOBY WHEELER loves being police chief in Wharton Rock, but when the devil invades the small town, he can’t release control.

Is God enough in Wharton Rock?

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By Janet K. Brown

Sometimes those donuts, slice of cake, or an ice cream cone are too tempting. We eat a little, then a little more, and soon we notice we’ve gained weight. We also know why. It’s no big secret. We can’t stop eating though; we’re addicted to food.

In Author Janet K. Brown’s novel, WORTH HER WEIGHT, Lacey Chandler has a weight problem. Her self-esteem is low. Will she ever marry? Why would any man be interested in her? Sometimes she’s so miserable she considers suicide. Troubles with her younger sister, Katie, and niece, Rachel, cause her to eat more, even though she wants to stop.

The author does a wonderful job of showing Lacey’s emotional ups and downs as she struggles to overcome her weakness for food and make a better life for herself and her family, Rachel especially. She also might have a chance at love, if she only wasn’t overweight.

WORTH HER WEIGHT will touch your heart and have you cheering Lacey along to success. This is a good story for those who perhaps face the same situation Lacey faces. In addition to the eating issue, there’s another story line, a life and death matter, that will have you biting your fingernails to see what happens. I’m not telling. You’ll find out when you read the story.

I recommend this novel for readers who may be fighting their own battle, whether against food or other problems. I think it will help those whose lives seem out of control to see how one young woman deals with her addiction to find a better life for herself.

The author provided me with a copy of the novel for my honest review.


About the Author:

Janet K. Brown lives in Wichita Falls, Texas with her husband, Charles. Writing became her second career after retirement from medical coding.

 Worth Her Weight will be the author’s debut inspirational women’s fiction, but it makes a perfect companion to her recently released, Divine Dining: 365 Devotions to Guide You to Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness. Both books encompass her passion for diet, fitness, and God’s Word.

Worth Her Weight marks Brown’s third book. Who knew she had a penchant for teens and ghosts? She released her debut novel, an inspirational young adult, Victoria and the Ghost, in July, 2012.
Janet and her husband love to travel with their RV, visit their three daughters, two sons-in-law and three perfect grandchildren, and work in their church.

Contact Janet at:
Facebook page:!/pages/Jane...

Purchase link for Pen-L Publishing to order Divine Dining

Purchase link for 4RV Publishing to order Victoria and the Ghost

They can also be purchased through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Happy Reading!


  1. A great review of what looks like a great book.
    I don't mind losing weight when I diet, but not when my body does it. I have lost weight on my arms and legs but the spare tyres around my tummy remain.

    1. Thank you, Yvonne. That spare tire around the tummy is the hardest one, at least for me, to get rid of. We just have to hang in there.

    2. I can understand that. Yvonne. I always lost in my face until I lost 100 lbs & kept it off for 20 years. It finally came off all over. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Another great review, Beverly. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

    1. Thank you, Kelly. I hope the story helps others who have similar problems.

    2. You're so right, Kelly. Beverly is a fantastic reviewer. I appreciate it. I do hope it helps others.

  3. Sounds like a good helpful one indeed

    1. It is a good story, Pat, of how addiction can ruin a life.

    2. Thanks, Pat. I so appreciate your words. Thanks, Beverly. It's something that can ruin lives.

  4. Lovely review, Beverly, thank you. It's a topic that is soooo relevant in today's world. Have a lovely week.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, it is, Nicola. Thanks for stopping by. You have a lovely week too.

    2. Yes, Nicola. It's laughed about at times, but it can be life threatening. I've been there, done that.

  5. Gosh, I feel bad for Lacey. Definitely a book that'll help those going through binge eating disorder.

    1. I think you're right, Claudine. Sometimes people need to see how others overcome a situation to perhaps help them see they can as well. Thanks for stopping by.