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Quote for the week:  What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. Helen Keller

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I'm delighted to share one of my latest reads with you today. Please welcome Author Mary Waibel. This book of short stories has been out for a while. I'm a slow reader, but like that old tortoise, I finally reach the end.
Castles are fascinating, don't you think?
Blurb from Good Reads:
Meet the princesses and princes from the Princess of Valendria series in this collection of short stories.

Duty, Honor, and Love
When Prince Devlin learns he must marry his enemy, he accepts his duty, but does someone else in his family have plans to ruin the peace?

Princess Kaylee arrives in Breneira and finds her betrothed isn't the old man she pictured. Maybe bringing peace to their feuding kingdoms is possible after all.

(The story continues in QUEST OF THE HART)

Love Letters
Can two strangers fall in love through letter writing? Prince Trevor hopes the letters he exchanges with his betrothed will at least allow them to become friends before marrying.

The Woodland Guide
Lady Bri is excited to be considered as Woodland Guide for King Rhys of Palindore. More importantly, she's hoping to find a clue to unraveling the missing pieces of the last four years of her life.

(Find out what happens in CHARMED MEMORIES)

Becoming First Knight
For years, Princess Gabrielle has trained to become First Knight. The day for the oath taking ceremony has finally arrived, but will all the knights vote for her to claim her birthright?

Stolen Moments in Time

Fate can be cruel. At least that's what Prince Brody believes. When he and Princess Gabrielle meet during a moonlit stroll, will he forge a new destiny or cling to the one that is being ripped away from him?

(Read the conclusion in DIFFERENT KIND OF KNIGHT)

(Available for FREE at MuseItUp Publishing with promo code: VALENDRIAN)

Also at Amazon.

By Mary Waibel
When a prince and princess marry, they’re supposed to live happily ever after, right? In most stories they do. But sometimes life gets complicated, even for royalty. Take the stories in Author Mary Waibel’s VALENDRIAN NIGHTS: SIX PRINCESS OF VALENDRIAN SHORT STORIES, for example.

In the first short story, “Duty, Honor, and Love,” Prince Devlin, of Breneiran, learns that his bride-to-be is Princess Kaylee, of Palindore, mortal enemy of Breneiran. Poor Prince Devlin has no say in the matter. You can see how that’s going to work out right away, but failure of the marriage will mean war. And why is his twin sister, Arabella, who thinks he’s stealing her birthright because she’s the oldest, suddenly so nice about the wedding? That’s not like her.

In the next story, “Beginnings” we meet Princess Kaylee and her brother. Then there’s “Love Letters,” a neat story, as they all are.

Mary Waibel’s short stories take the reader back to the days of princes and princesses, kings and queens, knights and yes bad guys too, but mostly good. The author has created authentic characters for the times. Her descriptions of the settings, the people, and how they live made me almost feel as though I was with the characters, experiencing their joys and their sorrows. If you’re looking for a good short read on those quiet evenings after a long day of work, then VALENDRIAN NIGHTS is a great choice. You’ll find a little romance, plenty of adventure, and the magic of times past, in these six stories. Recommended for everyone that likes to escape to another time, another place, if only for a while.

Oh, and the author did the artwork herself.

About the Author:
Multi-published YA Author Mary Waibel is a romantic at heart. Her love of fairy tales, fantasy, and happy-ever-after fill the pages of her stories.

When not twisting her own tales, she can be found with her nose buried in any book she can get her hands on.

Mary lives in upstate New York with her wonderful husband, hockey player son, and two cats. In the fall and winter she can be found at the ice rink, cheering on her son and his team, and in the summer, she enjoys escaping with her family on camping trips all over the states.
Interacting with her readers is one of Mary's favorite parts of being an author. You can find her at these sites:


Be sure to stop by Mary's author site,, and sign up for her newsletter to keep informed about her latest news, as well as special offers, sneak peeks, and spotlights of other authors or join her street team, Waibel’s Legionaires, for more specials.

Happy Reading!


  1. Loved the post Beverly and thought the qoute awesome.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Yvonne. I always enjoy your comments.

  2. Being able to do the artwork yourself, especially great artwork, is sure an added perk indeed.

  3. Gotta long a story with kings, queens, princes, princess, and knights. So much fun. And gives room for a lot to happen among them. Great review!

    1. I've always enjoyed reading about royalty, Chrys. Guess it goes back to my childhood and Cinderella and other stories.

  4. Sounds interesting! Congratulations to Mary!

  5. I love the way Mary Waibel writes love. Guaranteed pitter-patters. Great review of a wonderful read, Beverly.

    1. She does have a special talent, Kai. Yep, stories that touch the heart.

  6. Very cool that she did the artwork herself. Great review, Beverly.

    1. It is cool, Kelly. The illustrations add so much to a story. Thanks.

  7. Sounds like a good read. Great review!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. I enjoyed the stories. Princesses and princes are so much fun to read about.

  8. Thanks for such a lovely review, Bev. I'm so glad you enjoyed the stories.

  9. Thanks for such a lovely review, Bev. I'm so glad you enjoyed the stories.