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Quote for the week:  What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. Helen Keller

God Bless America!
I'm delighted to share one of my latest reads with you today. Please welcome Author Mary Waibel. This book of short stories has been out for a while. I'm a slow reader, but like that old tortoise, I finally reach the end.
Castles are fascinating, don't you think?
Blurb from Good Reads:
Meet the princesses and princes from the Princess of Valendria series in this collection of short stories.

Duty, Honor, and Love
When Prince Devlin learns he must marry his enemy, he accepts his duty, but does someone else in his family have plans to ruin the peace?

Princess Kaylee arrives in Breneira and finds her betrothed isn't the old man she pictured. Maybe bringing peace to their feuding kingdoms is possible after all.

(The story continues in QUEST OF THE HART)

Love Letters
Can two strangers fall in love through letter writing? Prince Trevor hopes the letters he exchanges with his betrothed will at least allow them to become friends before marrying.

The Woodland Guide
Lady Bri is excited to be considered as Woodland Guide for King Rhys of Palindore. More importantly, she's hoping to find a clue to unraveling the missing pieces of the last four years of her life.

(Find out what happens in CHARMED MEMORIES)

Becoming First Knight
For years, Princess Gabrielle has trained to become First Knight. The day for the oath taking ceremony has finally arrived, but will all the knights vote for her to claim her birthright?

Stolen Moments in Time

Fate can be cruel. At least that's what Prince Brody believes. When he and Princess Gabrielle meet during a moonlit stroll, will he forge a new destiny or cling to the one that is being ripped away from him?

(Read the conclusion in DIFFERENT KIND OF KNIGHT)

(Available for FREE at MuseItUp Publishing with promo code: VALENDRIAN)

Also at Amazon.

By Mary Waibel
When a prince and princess marry, they’re supposed to live happily ever after, right? In most stories they do. But sometimes life gets complicated, even for royalty. Take the stories in Author Mary Waibel’s VALENDRIAN NIGHTS: SIX PRINCESS OF VALENDRIAN SHORT STORIES, for example.

In the first short story, “Duty, Honor, and Love,” Prince Devlin, of Breneiran, learns that his bride-to-be is Princess Kaylee, of Palindore, mortal enemy of Breneiran. Poor Prince Devlin has no say in the matter. You can see how that’s going to work out right away, but failure of the marriage will mean war. And why is his twin sister, Arabella, who thinks he’s stealing her birthright because she’s the oldest, suddenly so nice about the wedding? That’s not like her.

In the next story, “Beginnings” we meet Princess Kaylee and her brother. Then there’s “Love Letters,” a neat story, as they all are.

Mary Waibel’s short stories take the reader back to the days of princes and princesses, kings and queens, knights and yes bad guys too, but mostly good. The author has created authentic characters for the times. Her descriptions of the settings, the people, and how they live made me almost feel as though I was with the characters, experiencing their joys and their sorrows. If you’re looking for a good short read on those quiet evenings after a long day of work, then VALENDRIAN NIGHTS is a great choice. You’ll find a little romance, plenty of adventure, and the magic of times past, in these six stories. Recommended for everyone that likes to escape to another time, another place, if only for a while.

Oh, and the author did the artwork herself.

About the Author:
Multi-published YA Author Mary Waibel is a romantic at heart. Her love of fairy tales, fantasy, and happy-ever-after fill the pages of her stories.

When not twisting her own tales, she can be found with her nose buried in any book she can get her hands on.

Mary lives in upstate New York with her wonderful husband, hockey player son, and two cats. In the fall and winter she can be found at the ice rink, cheering on her son and his team, and in the summer, she enjoys escaping with her family on camping trips all over the states.
Interacting with her readers is one of Mary's favorite parts of being an author. You can find her at these sites:


Be sure to stop by Mary's author site,, and sign up for her newsletter to keep informed about her latest news, as well as special offers, sneak peeks, and spotlights of other authors or join her street team, Waibel’s Legionaires, for more specials.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Awhile back we had the cover reveal for Author Christine Amsden's latest novel, KAITLIN'S TALE. Today I'd like to share my review with you. If you missed the cover reveal, here's what the story is all about. Enjoy.


Kaitlin Mayer is on the run from the father of her baby – a vampire who wants her to join him in deadly eternity. Terrified for her young son, she seeks sanctuary with the Hunters Guild. Yet they have their own plans for her son, and her hopes of safety are soon shattered.

When she runs into Matthew Blair, an old nemesis with an agenda of his own, she dares to hope for a new escape. But Matthew is a telepath, and Kaitlin's past is full of dark secrets she never intended to reveal.

*Companion to the Cassie Scot Series
Buy Links
· Coming Soon

Ebook Release: May 16, 2016

Print Release: July 15, 2016

Audiobook Release: TBA

The Cassie Scot Series

Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective (Cassie Scot #1)
· Amazon
· Barnes and Noble

Secrets and Lies (Cassie Scot #2)
· Amazon
· Barnes and Noble
· Audible

Mind Games (Cassie Scot #3)
· Amazon
· Barnes and Noblet
· Audible

Stolen Dreams (Cassie Scot #4)
· Amazon
· Barnes and Noble
· Audible

Madison's Song (a Cassie Scot Companion)
· Amazon
· Barnes and Noble

· Audible


Christine Amsden

Imagine that your husband, the father of your child, is a vampire. Imagine that he wants to make you a vampire too. What would you do? This is the dilemma facing Kaitlin Mayer. How can she save herself, and even more importantly, her one-year-old son, from a father who has plans for both of them?

In Author Christine Amsden’s latest novel, KAITLIN’S TALE, we meet familiar characters from her Cassie Scot Mystery Series. If you haven’t read those books no problem. The author gives plenty of background on each character to see their relationships to one another. (You might enjoy the series, though.) Before Jason became a vampire, Kaitlin loved him. Now, the Jason she loved is dead. A vampire lives instead. Fearing for her son and herself, Kaitlin does the only thing she can think of: she takes her baby boy and runs away to find safety with the hunters, those that destroy vampires, hoping they’ll protect her and her son.

Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying “jumping from the frying pan into the fire”. This could describe Kaitlin. Yes, the hunters are very interested in Jay, her son, as are the vampires. Told from different point-of-view characters, we discover that most everyone has a secret. Kaitlin is no exception. Besides protecting Jay she also must guard her own secrets.

Christine Amsden doesn’t make life rosy for Kaitlin, or for the others. Choices must be made. Friends can be trusted, or not. Kaitlin has to look deep within herself for the truth. If you’re like me, I crossed my fingers that life would work out for Kaitlin and her son. An exciting story, with lots of action and even a bit of romance.


About the Author

Christine Amsden has been writing fantasy and science fiction for as long as she can remember. She loves to write and it is her dream that others will be inspired by this love and by her stories. Speculative fiction is fun, magical, and imaginative but great speculative fiction is about real people defining themselves through extraordinary situations. Christine writes primarily about people and relationships, and it is in this way that she strives to make science fiction and fantasy meaningful for everyone.

At the age of 16, Christine was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease, which scars the retina and causes a loss of central vision. She is now legally blind, but has not let this slow her down or get in the way of her dreams.
Christine currently lives in the Kansas City area with her husband, Austin, who has been her biggest fan and the key to her success. In addition to being a writer, she's a freelance editor, mom, and foster mom.

Social Media Links:
· Website
· Newsletter
· Blog
· Facebook
· Twitter
· Goodreads

· Google+

And now, here's a peek at my recent interview with Lit Pick. Enjoy.


Joining Lit Pick today for Six Minutes with an Author is Beverly Stowe McClure. Beverly is the author of several books, including Under a Purple Moon; Caves, Cannons and Crinolines; andStar of the Team. In addition, Beverly’s story about her biggest fan, her cat, Tiger, is in Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat: 101 Heartwarming Stories about Our Happy, Heroic & Hilarious Pets.
Beverly lives in the country and she has had deer, skunks, armadillos, and a roadrunner wander through her yard. She is known as the “Bug Lady” because she saves moths, butterflies, walking sticks and praying mantis from her cats.
How did you get started writing? 
I wrote a poem in eighth grade that my teacher sent to a high school anthology contest. It was published in YOUNG AMERICA SINGS. I wrote nothing else until I was an adult and teaching. Reading great Newberry winners with my students started getting me to think what it would be like to write stories for children. So I took a writing course, wrote several articles for children’s magazines, and to my surprise, they were published in FOCUS ON THE FAMILY CLUBHOUSE JR., JACK AND JILL, LADYBUG, and other children’s magazines. Then I tried writing novels. I haven’t stopped yet and now have thirteen books for children and teens published.
Who influenced you?
The students I taught who enjoyed reading so much.
Do you have a favorite book/subject/character/setting?
Not really. One of my favorite books to read, however, is GONE WITH THE WIND, not a children’s book. I enjoy most all subjects, except scary or vulgar ones; historical fiction is my favorite subject. To learn how people lived years ago, without our modern conveniences, shows their strength and determination to survive, despite all odds.
What advice do you have for someone who wants to be an author?
For most writers, it’s tough. A few may have a best seller with their first book, but the majority of us write for a long time before readers even know who we are. Don’t give up. If you keep writing, you will succeed. Don’t be impatient. Good things take time.
Where is your favorite place to write?
I write on my desktop computer on the desk in my “writing” room, actually a spare bedroom that I’ve converted to my office. It has a huge window where I can look out and see the birds, rabbits, and squirrels when I’m having a problem with a story. Often, taking a break to enjoy nature helps me find a solution to what’s not working in my story.
What else would you like to tell us? 
I would like to tell your readers “Thank you” for reading my stories and writing your lovely reviews. Your words of encouragement are exactly what authors need to keep them writing.  Thank you.
Beverly, thank you for spending six minutes with LitPick!  We really enjoyed reading about how you got your start in writing!

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Quote for the week: You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C. S. Lewis

This year we've had so much rain the wildflowers have gone wild. They're beautiful and I want to share some with you. So, here we go.

These are Thistles. They're growing wild in the pasture, as well as in my yard. My son mows around them. Some people call them weeds, but I call them flowers and think they're gorgeous. The hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees like them too.
Prickly Pear Cactus. The flowers are beautiful. The thorns are painful. So don't get too close.
Oops! How did Tiger get in here? Oh, he thinks he's a flower. The prettiest of them all.
This is a close up of a paintbrush. They make for a colorful pasture.
Here the paintbrush are covering the field.
I'm not sure what these are. Do you know?
These are Autumn Sage, in my flowerbed. Not wild. Butterfly moths and butterflies love them.
And our pond is full and running over. The ducks, frogs, and fish love it. And to think, a couple of years ago it was totally dry. Not a drop. Then the rains came.
Happy Reading!

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Welcome Wednesday with the launch of A SPY IN ME, THE HARLEY FILES, FRESHMAN YEAR, Book 1, by Author Rebecca Green Gasper. I just met Rebecca and am so happy I did. This sounds like an awesome read. So nice of you to stop by, Rebecca. Let's take a look at your novel.

A Spy in Me, The Harley Files, Freshman Year, Book 1

The expression on this girl's face makes me really want to meet her. How about you?
Launch Day- Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Long Synopsis:


Harley Jenkins has no idea how she’s going to get out of the mess her roommate has dragged her into. The university has placed her on probation and the disciplinary board has demoted her from her position in local news to the fashion section of her school’s online newspaper. She doesn’t even care about fashion and is far from trendy. She wants to be an investigative journalist.


So when she hears the rumors that something major went down at her dorm, she sees the opportunity to detract herself from her impeding board meeting and the problem with her roommate. A girl has fallen to her death, and Harley is sure the authorities are missing something. She’s determined to do anything to find out what happened, including hiding out in small spaces to get information even though she’s claustrophobic.


But when another girl ends up in the hospital, Harley’s convinced the two situations are related. Soon Harley finds herself torn between solving the mystery of the girls and solving her own issues. With the probation hanging over her, a fashion article due, and the upcoming hearing approaching, Harley thinks about backing out of her investigation. Will Harley be able to stuff herself into yet another tight corner to solve the mystery, or will she have to back off to solve her own issues? Will the spy in her even let her dismiss this odd mystery?


Join Harley during her freshman year as she takes on mysteries around her college town. This is Book One in a series.


Available at:

Rebecca Green Gasper is an author, speaker and photographer. She writes young adult contemporary fiction on tough teen issues, new adult sleuth mystery series, historical fiction, and non-fiction. She was a high school teacher, tutor, and coach before becoming a writer. She is passionate about raising awareness on teen tough issues and speaking out against teen violence. She loves pinwheels, bright colors, daisies, long talks with friends, and time with her family. She grew up in the mountains of Colorado and now lives outside of Denver with her husband and two children. You can find her at

Congratulations on the first book in your series, Rebecca. I'm looking forward to reading it.


Now for the reviews. I'm still way behind in my reading. Too many good books out there. You've seen the Cover Reveals of both books. Here's what they're all about. My thoughts.

by Medeia Sharif

Sometimes, public restrooms are scary. It’s true that some are nice and clean and fresh smelling, but others … well, we’d rather not think about them. They are necessary however: at work, at school, when shopping. If you had heard tales that a restroom was haunted, would you take a chance? This question brings us to Author Medeia Sharif’s new novel for middle grade readers, THE HAUNTED STEPSISTER.

Sixth-grader Jess and her Stepsister Kammy, who’s also in the sixth grade, are already having trouble because of an incident that happened at school earlier. When the girls go into a school restroom that is claimed to be haunted, they discover what trouble truly is. Besides the ghostly problem, the girls also have to deal with a schoolmate, Bertha, the meanest girl in sixth grade.

THE HAUNTED STEPSISTER is a fast paced, something always going on, story that will keep young readers wondering what will happen to Jess and Kammy next. Lots of suspense and lots of surprises. Medeia Sharif has created characters with distinct personalities that the reader can easily relate to. It isn’t always easy to adjust to a new family. Jess and Kammy have suddenly become sisters, and neither of them is exactly happy about the situation. When the unexpected happens and Kammy’s life is in jeopardy, will the girls learn to work together to save Kammy? Will they also make other discoveries that could possibly change their attitudes about each other?

To add to the suspense, the author also throws in a neat twist. It caught me by surprise, anyway. I hadn’t a clue. Middle school readers should enjoy this story that has a bit of everything: sibling rivalry, school bullies, friends, suspense, and a blended family just like many others. Well, except for the demon, of course.

This would make a fun read for middle school libraries, public libraries, and your own library. Recommended.

I was given an e-copy of this book for my honest review.


Author Bio:

Medeia Sharif was born in New York City and she presently calls Miami her home. She received my master’s degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University. After becoming a voracious reader in high school and a relentless writer dabbling in many genres in college, she found her niche writing for young people. Today she’s a MG and YA writer published through various presses. In addition to being a writer, she is a public school teacher. Her memberships include Mensa, ALAN, and SCBWI.

Here's another great story for you to read.


By Kelly Hashway

Imagine dying then coming back to life. Imagine having no memory of your previous life, not your family, friends, or boyfriend/girlfriend. If you were a Phoenix, a mythical bird/human hybrid, this would be your life, not only one time, but every time you died. Yes, more than once.

OUT OF THE ASHES, Author Kelly Hashway’s second book in her INTO THE FIRE TRILOGY, follows Cara, who has just been reborn into her second life and is totally confused about the people around her and even about herself. She wants to remember her family and friends, especially Logan, who she is drawn to but is also uncertain of. He claims they loved each other in her former life. Is it true? She doesn’t know, and each day grows more complicated for Cara.

Kelly Hashway has written a fantasy story of love, danger, bravery and deceit. People are not always who they seem. As I read the story I sometimes wondered who the bad guys were and who the good guys were. The author kept throwing in little surprises to keep me guessing.

To add more trouble to Cara’s already confused world, she learns that the future of the Phoenix lies in her hands. Who can she trust? Who should she fear? Cara has a lot to deal with. Will she succeed, or will the Hunters put an end to her life, as well as her families' and friends' lives?

I enjoyed this novel even more than the first one. Looking forward to the third book in the series.

I was provided with an e-copy of the book for my honest review.


Author's Bio:

Kelly Hashway grew up reading R.L. Stein’s Fear Street novels and writing stories of her own, so it was no surprise to her family when she majored in English and later obtained a masters degree in English Secondary Education from East Stroudsburg University. After teaching middle school language arts for seven years, Hashway went back to school and focused specifically on writing. She is now the author of three young adult series, one middle grade series, and several picture books. She also writes contemporary romance under the pen name Ashelyn Drake. When she isn’t writing, Hashway works as an editor for Leap Books as well as for her own list of clients. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling, and volunteering with the PTO. Hashway currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, and two pets. Hashway is represented by Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary Agency. 



Amazon Author Page: Goodreads: YouTube:

Happy Reading! 


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Quote for the week: Peace begins with a smile.  Mother Teresa.

We're starting the week off with an exciting tour for Author Chrys Fey's latest book, SEISMIC CRIMES. Welcome, Chrys. So happy you stopped by. Please introduce us to your character Donovan Goldwyn. He sounds very interesting.

Character Interview with Donovan Goldwyn

1. What was it like being accused of your brother’s murder?

*shakes his head* Horrible. Ryan was my best friend, father and big brother all in one. The worst we ever did was get into wrestling matches. Being the lead suspect in his brutal murder sickened me. I was desperate to prove my innocence. To do that, I had to retrieve the footage from Ryan’s surveillance camera, but that didn’t go exactly as planned.

Chrys: You were lucky to have Beth there.

Donovan: Yes, I was.

2. After you were found innocent, what was the first thing that went through your mind.

Well, I didn’t have the time to be grateful. Even before I was found innocent, my goal was to get Ryan’s real killer. Finding Buck was my first thought. Followed by revenge and justice.

3. Your relationship with Beth was just budding in the beginning of Seismic Crimes. What did you enjoy most about the phase?

I truly enjoyed every moment, but the best part was falling more in love with her every day.

4. You’re so sweet and passionate with Beth. We find out about Beth’s ex-fiancĂ©, but we don’t learn about any of your exes. Why is that?

Because none of them made an impact. Sure, I had women. Quite a lot of them, but they all pale in comparison to Beth. She’s one-of-a-kind; perfect for me.

5. When the two of you go to San Francisco to catch Buck, an earthquake strikes. You get trapped underground, but you tell Beth to leave. Why?

To keep her alive. I didn’t want the rest of the building to collapse and kill both of us. I had to get her out of there, no matter how much I wanted her to stay close to me. I’d rather the building fall on me than her.

6. Beth did leave, but to look for help. However, she can’t find any and the two of you end up separated. Did you ever lose hope of reuniting with her?

Never. Fate brought us together in an extraordinary way before Hurricane Sabrina hit, and I knew we’d be able to find each other in the post-quake city. There was no way we wouldn’t.

Chrys: You sure are a great catch. Beth is one lucky woman.

Donovan: But you’re lucky because you get to write about me.

Chrys: All of you, too.

Donovan: *winks* Exactly.

Title: Seismic Crimes

Author: Chrys Fey

Series: Disaster Crimes Series (Book Two)

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Format: Digital and Print

Page Count: 282




An Internal Affairs Investigator was murdered and his brother, Donovan Goldwyn, was framed. Now Donovan is desperate to prove his innocence. And the one person who can do that is the woman who saved him from a deadly hurricane—Beth Kennedy. From the moment their fates intertwined, passion consumed him. He wants her in his arms. More, he wants her by his side in his darkest moments.

Beth Kennedy may not know everything about Donovan, but she can’t deny what she feels for him. It’s her love for him that pushes her to do whatever she has to do to help him get justice, including putting herself in a criminal’s crosshairs.

When a tip reveals the killer's location, they travel to California, but then an earthquake of catastrophic proportions separates them. As aftershocks roll the land, Beth and Donovan have to endure dangerous conditions while trying to find their way back to one another. Will they reunite and find the killer, or will they lose everything?



Amazon CA / NOOK / KOBO

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#InkRipples is a monthly meme created by Kai Strand, Mary Waibel, and Katie L. Carroll. They post on the first Monday of every month with a new topic. They're all authors, but you don't have to be to participate.
The idea of #InkRipples is to toss a word, idea, image, whatever into the inkwell and see what kind of ripples it makes. You can spread your own ripples by blogging about the topic any day of the month that fits your schedule, just be sure to include links back to Katie, Kai, and Mary.

Or you can simply share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #InkRipples. You might comment on one of our posts to play along. Tag us and we're happy to share your posts and thoughts to keep those ripples going and intersecting.

There's no wrong way to do #InkRipples (with the exception of following basic human decency!) If this sounds interesting, please participate in whatever way you can. Feel free to use any of the meme's images (created by the wonderful Mary Waibel).

Topics for 2016:

May: Memories
June: Movies
July: Inspiration
August: Guilty Pleasures
September: Banned Books
October: Masks
November: Heritage
December: Cookies

My Memories
It's really strange that this month is "Memories." For quite a while now, I've been remembering the past, I mean way back, years ago. I don't know why these memories have been with me lately. I suppose there is a reason.
The first one is of my firstborn son who lived for only two days. For years I didn't think about him. I think it was easier not to. It hurt less. Then a few months back I had this urge to do something in his memory. My oldest son made a lovely heart shaped necklace with his name engraved on it. Also with the granddaughter's name, who is in Heaven too. I wear the necklace quite often. And I feel a closeness to them. They lived, if not for long, but I now have their memories in the form of a locket.
I wanted to do more. So I wrote a memoir, A Lullaby for David. A lot of things I don't remember, but writing this brought back memories I thought I'd forgotten. I'm glad I wrote it.
Then there's my latest book, loosely based on memories of my mother's childhood as an orphan and foster child. I've wanted to write this for years, but I knew so few of the facts. Mom never talked about those years. So parts of my story are true, parts are fiction. It's labeled as historic fiction. And you know what? I understand her better today, after researching the lives of the children that rode the Orphan Trains west.
Memories are good. But I think we need them at different times in our lives. When we're ready for them.
Do you have memories you love to recall? This meme is a good place to share them.
Happy Reading.


Available at:


If you'd like a PDF Review Copy, email me and I'll be happy to send you one.

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Quote for the week: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Helen Keller.

Okay, if you're reading this in the dark, stop, turn on the lights. You'll be glad you did, because THE HAUNTED STEPSISTER, by Author Medeia Sharif, is with us. Yes. I'm excited to be a part of Medeia's Book Blitz.

Are you spooked yet?
Title: The Haunted Stepsister
Author: Medeia Sharif
Publisher: Leap Books
Release Date: May 9, 2016
Back-cover blurb
Sixth grade isn’t easy for Jesenya Moradi, especially since her father’s recent remarriage and tension with her new stepsister, Kammy. After an incident at school that nearly destroyed Kammy's life, Jess has been desperate to get on Kammy’s good side. But a fateful trip to an allegedly haunted bathroom changes both girls’ lives forever.

The rumors about the bathroom are true, and now Jess is convinced a demon's possessing Kammy. Eerie things happen whenever she's around – flying objects, flickering lights, not to mention the fact that something, or someone, is making people into its puppets.
Worse, the demon seems fixated on making Jess confess her part in ruining Kammy's reputation. Sticking to her Muslim faith, Jess enlists the help of an imam to exorcise the demon from Kammy. But can they get rid of the demon before it destroys her new family?
Goodreads Link
Barnes and Noble

Author Bio:

Medeia Sharif was born in New York City and she presently calls Miami her home. She received my master’s degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University. After becoming a voracious reader in high school and a relentless writer dabbling in many genres in college, she found her niche writing for young people. Today she’s a MG and YA writer published through various presses. In addition to being a writer, she is a public school teacher. Her memberships include Mensa, ALAN, and SCBWI.

Congratulations, Medeia. And readers, you need to read this one. Review soon.

Happy Reading.