Monday, March 16, 2015


Monday Musings!
My middle grade novel is ready to submit, I think.
Yay! It's about time. I'm so slow. We'll see what happens.
Remember last Friday, we met Brady, his blankie,
and his author Stephanie Burkhart.
Here is my review.

Written by Stephanie Burkhart
Illustrated by Bridget McKenna
Some young children are attached to a certain object that makes him/her feel safe. Many children drag a blanket around with them until it’s ragged and dirty, but they won’t give it up long enough to let it be washed. Do you have a blankie lover in your family?
In Author Stephanie Burkhart’s newest picture book, BRADY’S LOST BLANKET, the reader meets Brady, a boy that loves his blankie. He loves it so much he takes it everywhere he goes. It makes him feel safe and secure. Then one day, Brady, his mommy and daddy board a plane to visit his aunt and uncle and their new baby. Yep, Brady’s blankie flies along with them. The blankie keeps him from being afraid of the noisy plane.
They have a wonderful visit. When it’s time to return home, mommy packs their bags, they board the plane and a disaster happens. Brady’s blankie is missing. They left it at his auntie and uncle’s house. What will Frankie do without his blankie? Will he ever feel safe and secure again?
BRADY’S LOST BLANKET is the story of a young boy that finds comfort in his blankie, an object that’s familiar to him in a sometimes scary world. The author has captured the emotions of a child whose world is suddenly turned upside down and who doesn’t know whether it will ever be right again. Most parents have seen similar reactions in their children, whether over a blanket or some other object that the child treasures as their safe haven.
Bridget McKenna’s illustrations are colorful and the characters’ expressions reveal what they’re feeling. A lovely book for little ones, who might just discover that the blankie, though important, can be replaced with something just as good. This picture book would make a nice addition to pre-school and kindergarten libraries as well as your own private library.
The author provided me with a copy of the book for my honest review.
If you haven't left a comment yet on what/who you think is making the WEIRD NOISES IN THE NIGHT from my latest picture book, time is running out. I'll be announcing the winner(s) of a PDF or paperback copy next Friday. Here's the blurb, which may help, or not. It doesn't really give the answer. That would be too easy.
Weird noises in the night send the imaginations of three young girls soaring. Is it the rain, a dragon, an alien from outer space, or a ghost? As Olivia and her best friends seek the source of the sound, they discover that the truth is not as scary as their imaginations.
Hint: One person has guessed correctly and one on Face Book is on the right track. Good luck.
Happy Reading!


  1. This reminded me of my eldest child( well not a child any more).
    He used to have a whilte blanket he used to drag around the house and to have it washed was a nightmare as he used to snuggle up it in his cot. We bought another one exactly the same but no, he knew the difference.
    Enjoyed your post very much, made interesting and full of past memories reading.

    1. I love those old memories, Yvonne. Our kids grow up too fast.

  2. Always good when it allows kids to discover. Good luck submitting

    1. Kids have so much to learn in this big world, Pat. It's fun to watch them too.

  3. I think we all went through that moment as kids with some familiar object.

    1. Yes, I agree, Alex. Some things we just don't want to give up.

  4. A bit of childhood we can very clearly remember! My attachment was to a deeply soiled, eyeless bunny. My mom dared not even try to take that away from me.

    1. Ah, an eyeless bunny sounds so sweet, clee. It's fascinating how kids decide what they love. Makes one wonder how those little brains work.

  5. What a lovely review! It sounds like such a great book and I loved hearing more about it this week.

    Glad to hear that you are ready to submit your MG book. Awesome and best of luck!

    I am thinking that it is an animal trapped in a closet or something that is causing the scary sounds. Sounds great!

    1. Thanks, Jess. It is a precious story.
      Yes, I submitted the ms. this morning. And...the publisher sent a contract this evening. Yay! More about it later.
      You're on the right track, but I need details. :)