Friday, December 19, 2014


Friday Fun
One of the funnest (is that a word) things I like to do is read. This wasn't always true. When I was a kid, I hated to read. Thank heavens I learned what I was missing.
Books I read recently:
THE STAG LORD by Darby Kaye (You saw the review here.)
QUEST OF THE HART by Mary Waibel (Also reviewed.)
THE LUMPY DUCKLING by Kai Strand (Reviewed)
NOT A DROP TO DRINK by Patsy Collins (Reviewed on Amazon)
POWDER MONKEY by Donna M. McDine (Reviewed)
THE HOUND AT THE GATE by Darby Karchut (ARC Reviewed on Good Reads - Due out in Jan.)
THE ONLY GAME by Mike Lupica (ARC due out in Feb. Working on Review)
I would recommend them all for great Christmas gifts or just because you like someone and want to make them happy.
There may be others I can't remember. But as you can see, I'm now a reader.
I still have a mountain of books to read, but have slowed down a bit to finish my latest.
A reminder that MuseItUp Publishing is having a big sale.
Also, enter here to win a copy of I LIVE IN A DOGHOUSE. Deadline is Jan. 1, 2015. 
And last, though this isn't a book, see what visited my house on Thursday.
Have a great weekend.
Happy Reading.


  1. I adore squirrels! You've done quite a job with reading and reviewing. This year has seen a big upswing in my reading too. I rediscovered how much I love it! :)

    1. Thanks, Lexa. Good for you. There are so many wonderful books out there. Keeps us busy. :)

  2. Squirrel!!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Beverly.

    1. We seldom see a squirrel. This one probably came for the deer corn.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family, Alex.

  3. Sounds like a great list, being a reader is great indeed. The cats must have loved watching the visitor

    1. Tiger sat in the window and watched the squirrel, Pat. He probably would have chased it if I'd let him outside. :) I'm enjoying catching up on my reading.

  4. I love squirrels, have two that visit my garden called Sybil and Cyril.
    Will miss them WHEN I go, having the owners breathing hard down my back.

    Enjoy your week-end.

    1. We seldom see a squirrel around here, Yvonne. Maybe your new place, when you find it, will have squirrels or birds. Praying that you find the right home soon.