Monday, September 8, 2014


Monday Musings.
September 6th - 14th is HUG A BOOK WEEK! Sounds like fun, huh? To learn more go here
Speaking of books to hug, yes we are, I recently read a book that I can hug. The story has so much in it that's huggable. I think you'll agree once you read it.
by Wanda Snow Porter
This is such a lovely cover. Makes me want to go riding.
Yes, it has horses in it, a wonderful reason to hug the book.
Here are my thoughts.

By Wanda Snow Porter
The year is 1957.  Some things about life in the 50’s were quite different than in today’s world. For instance, in the 50s, $1.00 bought you a movie ticket, popcorn and candy and you had money left over. But some things never change, no matter the time period. In today’s world, as in the past, some people had problems with drinking alcohol, destroying themselves as well as their families.
Author Wanda Snow Porter’s MG/Tween historical novel RIDING BABYFACE takes the reader back to the 50’s where Winna has just graduated from eighth grade. Not only will she attend high school next year, a new experience, her life is changing in other ways she could never have imagined. Her family moves to an apple farm on the California coast. Her daddy gets Winna and her sister, Veronica, a horse they name Babyface, to Winna’s delight since she wants to be a trainer some day. She has new neighbors, one of them a cute boy that she could really fall for, but her sister likes him too, and Veronica is a lot prettier than Winna. But the worst is yet to come.
The author gets the characters just right for the time period, their way of talking, the words they use, and even the way they dress. Even though Winna lives in the 50s, she faces the same challenges teens do today, and it will take all of her courage and strength to hold her family together when the unthinkable happens. RIDING BABYFACE will have you laughing; the story will have you crying. You’ll find yourself offering encouragment to Winna, in her darkest moments. At least this reader did. RIDING BABYFACE would make a great addition to middle school libraries and classrooms, especially history classes. Your public library and your own private library need copies too. Ms. Porter’s novel should appeal to lovers of recent history and to readers that enjoy a good story.
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  1. Sounds like a good one indeed and hug a book you say, is my computer okay? lol

  2. Back in the days of innocence...
    Can I hug my iPad?

    1. Ah, yes, the good old days, Alex, when we didn't have the news media telling us all the bad things that were happening. Please do hug your iPad. :)

  3. One of my favorite combinations--history and horses.

    1. Me too, clee. I really miss our horses. At least I still have the history. :)