Monday, September 15, 2014


Monday Musings
Autumn is in the air.
Cooler Temperatures.
Even rain. Yay! (Snow in some areas, I hear.)
I think I'll do a little painting around the house.
And perhaps I'll catch up on those projects I keep putting off.
Today, let's talk about characters. Okay?
I've been invited to join the Meet My Character Blog Tour
and introduce a character from one of my novels. Thank you Wanda Snow Porter for the invitation.Wanda has written some great novels for young readers. Learn more about her books at:

I'd like to introduce you to Kate Taylor, the main character from my soon to be released MG/Tween novel STAR OF THE TEAM. Kate is a fictional character, but typical of many eleven-year-old girls that love sports. You're on, Kate.

Thanks, Ms. McClure. Hi, everyone. My name's Kate , I'm eleven-years-old, in the fifth grade at River Bend Elementary School, and I love basketball better than anything in this world, except for my mother, who is also my coach. Isn't that cool? Mom played basketball too, when she was in school.

This is my second year to play in a little league and my goal is to be the star of the team. I'm good and plan to get better this season. I do have a problem, though. Emily, the new girl in school is good too. She's also sneaky and hateful and tries to get on the good side of my mom and the assistant coach Ray. Mom tells me to be nice to Emily cause she doesn't know anyone and just wants to be friends. Ha. Yeah. I know what she really wants. To be Star of the Team. See my problem.

As if my life wasn't complicated enough, my tooth was knocked out at one of the games. The dentist replanted the tooth, but Mom says I can't play anymore until we see if the tooth heals or not. So, guess what I'm doing. Instead of playing in the games, I'm sitting on the bench, the new assistant, assistant. Wow! My life is ruined unless I can figure a way to get in the games. I gotta go now and think about that. See you.


STAR OF THE TEAM will be out any day now from 4RV Publishing LLC.

I was supposed to have five authors for next week, but no one replied to my email. This is such a busy time of year, everyone's snowed under. So, I'm just going to mention a couple of authors you might want to check out their work.

Kai Strand: Author of stories for children and teens.
Learn more about Kai here.

Darby Karchut: Author of stories for tweens and teens and adults.
See Darby's work here.

Suzanne de Montigny: Author of stories for teens.
Visit with Suzanne here.

Happy Reading


  1. Sounds like Kate has had a tough break.

    1. Yes, you know, those days when whatever can go wrong does go wrong. Maybe it'll turn out ok for her. We'll see. :)

  2. So does her tooth heal? Does she get back into the game? Got to find out, I guess. As to being buried, that is the case on my side of the continent. But I'm digging my way out, slowly and surely.

    1. Shh, C Lee. Don't tell but yes, she finally comes up with an idea to protect her tooth. :) I hope you're not close to those wildfires I've been seeing on the TV. I always worry about my son and his family when I hear about them. Take care.

  3. Can't wait to read another McClure treasure!

    1. Aw thanks, Darby. I don't know about being a treasure, but it was fun to write.