Friday, September 12, 2014


Friday Fun!
Well this wasn't fun in the beginning. Now, years later, I can think of the fun the babies are having. David with his little niece, Sierra, dancing and singing and chasing rainbows. Waiting to see their family one day.
The poems are for you, little ones.
 I held you in my arms
Only one time.
My firstborn.
Your hair was red
Your fingers were tiny.
They grasped at my fingers
To hold mine.
Perhaps you knew.
The angels were near.
My firstborn.
Your toes were all there.
I counted them.
Five on each foot.
You frowned.
You puckered.
Sweet baby lips
So tiny
So tiny.
My firstborn.
You kicked sweet legs.
Your arms reached out
Little fists.
Perhaps you knew
The angels were near.
My firstborn.
I have no pictures
To remember you by.
Your face is a dim memory.
My firstborn.
I held you in my arms
Only one time.
You live in my heart
My firstborn.
David Lloyd McClure
September 10, 1957 - September 12, 1957



So tiny

So frail

Sweet baby girl.

I saw you only one time

Through the glass

In the nursery.

Tiny lips smiling.

Or were they frowning

For you knew what was to come?

Cute little nose

The size of a button.

Sweet baby girl.

You were not meant for this world.

God had other plans for you.

I wish I could hold you

And tell you I love you.

I think you know

Sweet baby girl.

God wanted you with him

To tell you He loves you too.

We miss you

Sweet baby girl.

One day I’ll see you again.

And tell you I love you

My granddaughter.

My sweet baby girl.


Sierra Marie McClure

August 20, 1983 to August 26, 1983

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