Friday, March 7, 2014


It's Friday and time for my Writer's Rebel Creed. To learn more about this stop by S A Larsen's Blog. She's the creator of this great idea.
The past month I wrote every day from Monday to Friday.
I need to work on belief in my abilities.
I don't know that I'm fearless, but I am writing a new story. Does that count?
My middle name is "Revisions."
Marketing skills are a dismal failure. I have a couple of new ideas to try this month. We'll see.
I hope I've given back to my writing community. Have written a few reviews and left comments on blogs and Face Book.
I've read several books by other writers and hope that supports them.
This is another of Sheri's ideas. See it here.
She has a link to a video on the subject and poses the question of what happiness is.
I haven't watched the video, but reading her post really started me to thinking.
When am I happy?
What am I grateful for?
Why am I happy/grateful?
I'm happiest when I'm with those I love: my family.
I'm grateful for each of them.
It's about choices too.
There's so much more to it. Take a look. I'm going back to read more.
That's it for today.
Have a happy weekend.



  1. every day for 5 days a week, that is great indeed

  2. Wow! That's a lot of writing days. Congratulations, Beverly.

  3. Well, I'm retired from my teaching job, Pat, but I can't just sit still. So I write every morning, 9 till noon. Weekends I take a break. :)

  4. It's really not as much as it sounds like, Lee. I write in the mornings, about 3 hrs. I'm very slow. Afternoons I blog and play. :)

  5. My goal has been to write every day. So far, so good, except for this past Wednesday. (But I know on IWSG day it's not going to happen.)

  6. An aspiring goal, Alex. Yes, I can see where Wednesday was very busy. I do not know how you manage to answer so many comments. :) That's writing itsself.