Wednesday, March 5, 2014


It's the first week in March which means, THE INSECURE WRITERS SUPPORT GROUP! And boy, am I insecure today.
Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!
Alex J. Cavanaugh and his co-hosts for the March 5 posting of the IWSG are Tina Downey, Elsie, Elizabeth Seckman, and Julie Flanders!
My post today is:
The day started out like any other. I planned to post this blog, check my emails, and write a bit. The universe had other ideas. My Internet connection would not connect. Well, being the computer challenged person that I am, I immediately panicked. Unplugged everything and then plugged everything back in and tried again. The modem lights kept blinking telling me they had no plans to let me on the Internet. This has happened before and the Internet always comes back. I'd install my new printer while I waited. (The other printer, which I really like, keeps telling me the black cartridge is missing or damaged or on holiday. I guess it's hiding from the printer. Anyhow, I've been through the drill of cleaning, etc. etc and saw no point in doing it again.
Instead, I decide to install my new printer wireless. Haha. No Internet. No can do. For the next hour I take stuff apart, put stuff together. Tell my cats to keep out of my way because I'm liable to explode any minute. I look up the phone number of my Internet provider. Long distance, of course, and I've yet to figure out how to use my cell to click on #1, or #2, or whatever to get me to the department I need to talk too.
I had to do something. The morning was wasting. So I looked at the cords to my printer. The one to hook up to the USB port on the computer was too short to reach the computer from the filing cabinet where I keep the printer. Okay, I could deal with that. I moved the filing cabinet closer to the computer on the desk. Worked like a charm. Now I have to see if the printer prints.
To end this novella, here's my advice for all you insecure writers like me.
Remember "This too shall pass." When your universe spins out of control, get busy with something else. I cleaned out one filing cabinet. I typed a letter. If I can print it I'll mail it. And now, as you can see since I'm writing this, my Internet service took pity on me and let me back on.
Hope your universe is good to you today. I'm off to my retired teacher's meeting. No writing done, but as Scarlet would say "Tomorrow is another day," or something like that. 


  1. This too shall pass - funny!
    No Internet would've really messed me up this morning, that's for sure.

  2. Yeah, Alex. I guess I'm too dependent on it. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. That is a writer-blogger's worst nightmare! Ugh! But I enjoyed your story. :)

    IWSG #268 (until Alex culls the list again or I goof and get myself deleted. :P)

  4. How frustrating! You came through like a trooper. I admit to swearing like a sailor at my provider sometimes when the connection comes and goes for no reason. Grrr. Loved your post! :)

  5. Our Internet was spotty a few weeks ago and I about had a meltdown. I know how you felt this morning!

  6. Nightmare is a good word, Melissa. And it's been off and on all day. Grrr. Glad you enjoyed the story.

  7. I may have uttered a few ungrandmotherly words, Lexa. The cats don't understand them. I hope to have a better post next month.

  8. Yes, yes, a meltdown is what I had, L. Diane. I would have changed providers today but it wouldn't have helped. Thanks.

  9. Things surely come in waves, no internet just screws everything up

  10. Sorry that you had to go through that. I wish that I was even the slightest bit tech savvy. Hope that everything continues to run smoothly.


  11. Thanks, Julie. I survived. It's just part of the writing life, a frustrating part. :)