Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Welcome Wednesday. My first announcement today is the winner of my contest for Valentine's Day. A giant thank you to everyone for your nice posts. You're the best.
And now!
Drumroll please!
Ta Da!
The winner is JANET. An email has been sent. A copy of CAVES, CANNONS, AND CRINOLINES will soon be on its way. Congratulations!
The next announcement is
Let's see how I did in January to my commitments.
Yes, I wrote regularly, almost every day, at least for an hour or two.
Belief in my abilities was so-so. Sometimes, when a scene just wouldn't work, I wondered what I was doing.
Fearless to write something new: I'm not sure I'm fearless, and I'm working on something that's not really new, new. I started it years ago and have gone back now, with a total rewrite.
Revisions. Ah, yes, they are beautiful when that scene finally comes together the way you want it.
I hope I've given back to my writing community through I think four book reviews, visiting blogs, and offering encouragement, which goes with Supporting other writers too.
During February, I hope to continue being a positive influence for others and writing my little fingers to the bone.
How about you? 


  1. Thank you! I am so glad to win a copy of your book. And, yes you are a positive influence to others. Your perseverance and blog posts encourage me to continue my writing.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Janet. That's wonderful to know. I hope you enjoy Caves, Cannons, and Crinolines.

  3. I also discovered I'm absent minded and forgot to add the link to S A Larsen's blog. The Rebel Writer's Creed is her baby. Sorry Sheri. Here it is:

  4. CONGRATS to Janet!

  5. I think my February will definitely turn out even better than January. The main thing is being supportive, and that's cool you are on track with that.

  6. Congrats to Janet!

    I'm working on revisions right now too. I love revising. :)

  7. Yea for a great February. Thanks, Alex. I really enjoy interviewing others, reviewing their books, and whatever else I can do. Your book is on my iPad, waiting to be read.