Friday, January 31, 2014


Susanne Drazic has honored me with The Super Sweet Blogger Award. I guess she knows what a sweet tooth I have. Yummy.
Here are the rules for accepting the Super Sweet Blogging Award:
1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you.
2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions.
3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.
4. Nominate a bakers’s dozen (13) other deserving bloggers.
6. Notify your Super Sweet nominees on their blog.

Thank you, thank you to my super sweet friend, Susanne Drazic for nominating me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! I  am honored and delighted to receive this award. Visit Susanne at her blog:
The Super Sweet Questions:
1. Cookies or Cake?     Cake
2. Chocolate or Vanilla?     Chocolate
3. Favorite Sweet Treat?    Vanilla ice cream with Chocolate topping
4. When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?    When I have nothing to do.
5. Sweet Nick Name?     My husband used to call me Tootsie, which reminds me of the candy Tootsie Roll
I apologize for neglecting #4. January has been hectic, with cover reveals, edits, reviews. The time has gotten away from me. All of my friends and acquaintances deserve the award and those who are so inclined feel free to post your lists. Send me a link and I'll visit you.
Have a nice weekend. Happy Writing. Stay warm.


  1. Congratulations! Tootsie is better than Toots.

  2. Congratulations! Those are hard questions to answer, since I like cookies and cakes, chocolate and vanilla and there are so many favorite desserts. :o)

  3. You're right, Janet. I could list many other sweets. :)Thanks.

  4. You certainly deserve this award because you're the sweetest lady I know! And that your husband called you Tootsie is adorable! Have a great weekend, Beverly. :)

  5. Hi, Beverly! You are so sweet to share the award with all of your followers. Tootsie is a cute nickname. Made me think of those mini flavored tootsie rolls. The vanilla ones are my favorite.

  6. Aw, Lexa. how sweet of you to say that. :) Thanks. Have a great rest of the weekend too. BTW, I've started reading your book. It sure is exciting.

  7. Sharing is fun, Susanne, especially when it's "sweet." Yeah, I don't know why hubby came up with the name but I always thought of the candy too.