Monday, January 20, 2014


Today, I am delighted to be a part of the Cover Reveal for Author Kitsy Clare's New Adult romance novel MODEL POSTITION. Here it is. All I can say is Wow! What do you say?


For Sienna, love and art are perilous games. Is she ready to take that gamble?

Sienna is a beautiful, talented artist poised on the precipice of soaring into the glamorous, yet cutthroat Manhattan art scene.

Dave Hightower is a hooked-up, handsome heir to the hippest gallery in NYC, Gallery Hightower.

Erik is the live drawing model with his sizzling green eyes fixed only on Sienna.

Threes a crowd, so Sienna must make a choice: date Dave and ride the fast track to landing a show at Gallery Hightower and hobnobbing with the art glitterati, or follow her heart and take a chance with Erik, the stunning male model whos stealing her heart. But Erik has some worrisome secrets, and who in their right mind would make live modeling their career?

Dare Sienna throw away her chances of hitting it big to follow her heart?
Well, I certainly want to know Erik's secrets. Don't you?

When Kitsy Clare isnt creating stories on her favorite Mac Air, she teaches speculative fiction and creative writing workshops. She also loves to draw, travel, read spicy romance, sci-fi and all kinds of thrillers. She divides her time between New York City and her studio in the Catskills, where she enjoys the sounds of birds, bullfrogs and the random coyote.

Kitsy Clare is the pen name for her new adult romance. She also writes young adult fiction using her real name, Catherine Stine. Her YA futuristic thriller, Fireseed One won finalist spots in both YA and Science Fiction in the 2013 USA Book News International Book Awards. It was also granted an Indie Reader Approved notable stamp. Her YA Refugees, earned a New York Public Library Best Book. Rubys Fire, the new companion novel to Fireseed One, is receiving high praise from reviewers. Shes a member of SFWA, SCBWI and CBIG. She can be found on,, and

Congratulations, Kitsy. on your latest novel due out in February.

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And check out the Marketing Symposium going on today.

What Works – Online Marketing Symposium

The first ever "Online Marketing Symposium" Monday, January 20, 2014. A blogfest with information you can use!

Hosted by Arlee Bird, Yolanda Renee, Jeremy Hawkins, and Alex J. Cavanaugh. where you can find out more and see links.
I'm hoping to learn how to market my books better. What I've been doing definitely hasn't worked, at least to increase my sales. I blog and tweet and face book. I review books on Good Reads, Shelfari, Library Thing, and book stores. They say entering contests helps. Well, maybe for some writers, but contests haven't made much difference in my world. I've won a couple too. So I'm going to visit successful authors and see how they market their books. Yeah! I'm going to learn how to do it too.

Happy Reading!



  1. Beverly, I hope you will stop by to accept the award I've nominated you for.

  2. The cover reminds me a little of that famous WWII sailor kissing the girl in NYC. So romantic!

    I could use some marketing tips too. Lagging sales are depressing...

  3. Hi, Susanne. I'll be over to your blog in a few minutes. Slept late and am waiting for the coffee to wake me up. :)

  4. I hadn't thought of that one, Lexa, but it does. I always loved that picture. I hope the marketing tips help you and me too.

  5. I think you'll get some great ideas today!

  6. Lots of great ideas on this hop! Like you, I'm doing all the stuff people say, and not selling much. But I'm getting some insights, and planning a blog tour. . .

  7. I think winning contests only helps if you plaster the fact all over social media platforms. =) Any time you have good news about your book it's an excuse to shamelessly promote it in a non-threatening way: "Hey, I succeeded! How cool is that?"

  8. Thanks for the cover love, Bev. And it sounds as if you are hitting the right publicity notes. Just keep going!

  9. I, too, am hoping to learn a lot from others today. Even when I have good sales on my books, I don't know what it happened.

  10. I'm sure you'll get a lot of great ideas today!

  11. Yes, Alex, I'm already seeing some.

    Maybe we both will discover what works for us, Rebecca. Good luck with your tour.

    Good point, Crystal. I have trouble talking about my books. It's much easier to tell about others. Must do better. :)

  12. It was fun sharing your cover today, Catherine. Good luck with your new venture.

    You sound like me, Susan, never quite sure what has worked or not.

    I'm planning to visit more blogs tomorrow, Sherry. Was pretty busy today. I'm saving a lot of ideas.

  13. Great cover! The blog fest has produced some great advice! I'm learning as I go too!

    Thanks for participating!

  14. Hi, Beverly! Cool cover!

    I also do reviews on Goodreads, LibraryThing and other sites to help other authors. Sadly, I haven't received much in return. But just reading those books are also teaching me a lot.

    I've learned a lot from the blogs I've visited. First time to join an event like this. I got so excited joining it that I posted a very long post. lol! :-)

    The Musings of a Hopeful and Pecunious Wordsmith

  15. Yolanda, there are some great tips on this marketing hop and hopefully some of it will work for you and for me. :)

  16. SittieCates, you are so right. Reading what other authors write helps see what works and what doesn't. I'll check your long post. :)

  17. I hope you found a lot of useful information. Best of luck with your book sales.

  18. There were some really good ideas posted this week. I hope some of them strike your fancy.

  19. Some of the ideas are very good, M. J. I'm saving them for future use.
    Several of them, including yours, sound promosing, and I hope to try them. I just have to be bold, instead of shy. :)

  20. Hi Beverly, I hope you learned something from the symposium. I really enjoyed it although I'm still slowly making it through the list. Wish it were a week long!


  21. Karen, I have saved a lot of ideas and may use some of them for my next book. I'm still visiting sites because there are so many and I don't want to miss one.I hope the posts stay up for awhile.
    Thanks for stopping by.