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My guest today is Award Winning Author Karina Fabian, who so kindly agreed to stop by on her Virtual Tour to tell us about her latest book, MIND OVER PSYCHE, Book Two of the Mind Over Trilogy. Welcome, Karina. Tell us about your book. It sounds interesting. That is an intriguing cover. Poor boy with the thingies attached to his head.

Tag line: Can Deryl and his friend unlock the secrets of Deryl’s role on Kanaan before the Kanaan decide he is too dangerous to let live?

Blurb: Deryl isn’t crazy; he’s psychic. Desperate to escape the insane asylum, Deryl teleports to Kanaan, a world of telepaths who regard him as an oracle. But freedom comes at a price. The Kanaan expect their oracle to teach them to use their powers to wage war. Meanwhile, he’s falling in love, but to be with her means to share his psyche, which could drive her insane. Most dangerous of all, he hasn’t escaped the Call of the Master, enemy of the Kanaan, whose telepathic manipulations were why Deryl was committed in the first place. Now, the Master will forge Deryl’s powers into a weapon to kill all he loves or destroy his mind trying.


Joshua returned to consciousness fully expecting to be in a hospital bed, his slashed throat swathed in bandages, his singing career over before it had started. His hands moved to his throat, found it bare and intact and breathed a prayer of thanks before opening his eyes.

He found himself on his back in a small, tree-lined meadow, but he didn’t recognize the trees.

He sat up slowly, more disoriented than dizzy. Had he had amnesia? “Sachiko?” he called. “Mom? Dad? Anyone?”

He saw Deryl lying on his side, unconscious. Not far from him, near a break in the treeline, stood—

Joshua gulped.

A unicorn!

…or something like a unicorn. Its rhinoceros-like horn and thick neck and shoulders made it a far scarier version than any Joshua had read about in fantasy novels. It stared straight at them.

Joshua licked dry lips. “Easy fella,” he soothed, and reached over to shake his friend. “Deryl, time to wake up.”

Part of Joshua’s mind gibbered that Deryl was really psychic, that he’d teleported them to an alien planet. Another part argued that he was dreaming or had gone insane himself. He told them both to shut up, but he couldn’t stop his breathing from accelerating or his hands from trembling as he shook his friend.

Deryl’s eyelids fluttered, then closed.

He’s drugged. Malachai’s zombiefied him again, and we’re stuck on another world!
He shook his friend harder. “Come on, man! Don’t do this to me. Wake up!”

Joshua heard hoof beats and turned in time to see several unicorns with red-clad riders approach from the trail. He vaguely noted they looked human, before his eyes focused on the swords they drew.

He did the only thing he could think of. He raised his arms, palms open, and said, “We come in peace!”

The warrior he faced, a scowling man with a narrow head, wide-set eyes, and a pocked and scarred face, didn’t understand him or didn’t care. He arched his sword toward Joshua.

Joshua covered his head with his arms and ducked.

· Paperback: 318 pages

· Publisher: Dragon Moon Press (September 13, 2013)

· Language: English

· ISBN-10: 1897492685

· ISBN-13: 978-1897492680




Now for a little about the Author:

I love this photo. Read what Karina has to say:

The Joy of Having Written
By Karina Fabian

Every now and then, we have Tabata week at the gym I attend. If you don’t know Tabata, think of it as being in labor: 20 seconds of hard pushing and pain, followed by ten seconds of rest. Of course, drugs are discouraged and your trainer might not appreciate it if you snarl, “This is your fault!” but it only lasts an hour, and then you’re done until the next day. Sometimes, I enjoy going to the gym, but it had been a crazy week, anyway, and my motivation was low, even less so for Tabata, but I went.

Why? Even though I didn’t look forward to going, I enjoyed having gone.

That’s how it goes with writing sometimes. There are plenty of times when I don’t feel like writing. Sometimes, other things in life seem much more important, whether planning a surprise for my husband’s retirement or doing dishes. Sometimes, it’s looking at my Amazon sales and realizing that, should something horrible happen to Rob, I would not be able to support my family on my writing. Rarely, but on occasion, a bad review or comment from someone will make me wonder why I bother.

But why I bother in those moments is the same reason I bother to go to the gym: Even if I don’t want to write, I invariably enjoy having written.

There’s a definite satisfaction in a scene well crafted, a character who comes alive on the keyboard, or a sentence that makes your eyes sting with its poignancy. (Just wrote one of those today, in fact.) There’s getting that message out of the blue from a reader saying they loved my book, or from an editor asking when the next story is coming. There’s that hope that this story, this novel, will be the one to break through—but of course, that will never happen if I don’t write it. I know, too, that I’m in this for the long term. I love writing. I love having written, and I love going back over my own stories and marveling anew at the adventures I lived without ever leaving my chair.

After eight months at the gym, including four or five weeks of Tabata, I’ve lost 25 pounds. That puts me at just under 145. One of the ladies asked me what my ultimate goal was. I suppose I could go for 120 or 125, which is what my weight from my teens to my early thirties, but I realize that it doesn’t matter as much to me, any longer. Maybe I'll get there, but if I can stay around 140 and keep going
with my exercising, then I’m satisfied.

You know, I have to keep that same attitude with my writing. Someday, I may make the NYT best-seller list. I may find my Amazon sales grow enough to let my husband quit his day job. But if that never happens, then if I can keep writing and producing and find readers who love my work, then I’m satisfied. Even when my motivation is low, and things around me discourage me from my craft, I keep pounding away at those words, the same way I pound away at the weights (minus the labor-like groaning, of course.)

After all, the real satisfaction is in having written.


Winner of the 2010 INDIE for best Fantasy (Magic, Mensa and Mayhem), Karina Fabian has plenty of voices in her head without being psychic. Fortunately, they fuel her many stories, like the Mind Over trilogy. Mrs. Fabian teaches writing and book marketing seminars, but mostly is concerned with supporting her husband, Rob Fabian as he makes the exciting leap from military officer to civilian executive, getting her kids through high school and college, and surviving daily circuit torture…er, circuit training. Read about her adventures at

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Thank you for visiting with us on your tour, Karina. Best of luck with your latest book.

Happy Reading.



  1. The excerpt was fun and exciting. I wanted to read more. Wishing Karina success, health, and happiness! :-)

  2. Thanks for hosting me today. I'll check in now and then throughout the day to answer questions. Lexa, it was a lot of fun to write! Thanks for the warm wishes!

  3. What a great way to think about this! Definitely very true for me, too. And love the sound of your books!

  4. Hi, Lexa. I think Karina has a great sense of humor.

  5. My pleasure to host you today, Karina. I enjoyed your excerpt and your article and most especially your photo. You look so happy.

  6. Kelly, and Meradeth, thanks so much. Beverly, that photo was taken the day I earned the t-shirt for getting below 145, a loss of 25 pounds. I have to give some credit to my personal, trainer, Ryion Butcher. He does keep it interesting. We had "Aggression Release Friday" today, most of the exercises were punches or kicks, except the sit-ups, but we needed something to feel aggressive about. Even better, I'm wearing a winter shirt that was binding on me last year.

  7. Good for you, Karina. You're amazing and an inspiration. You get to buy new clothes now. :).

  8. Alas, no, not until Rob gets a new job. (He retired in August and is still looking.) Or if the book makes the best-seller list, lol. The nice thing, though, is that all my old shirts fit like new. It's just the pants that are too baggy now.

  9. Well, we'll wish for both: a job for Rob and a best selling novel. :)

  10. Karina's book sounds very interesting. I enjoyed the excerpt too! Wishing her the best of luck.

    I also can agree that sometimes I feel better have done something (cleaning, writing, errands, etc.) because even if I am tired- I feel so accomplished afterwards. Great post!

  11. You have a good point there, Jess. I think we all need to feel like we've accomplished something each day. I do.