Monday, September 16, 2013


Today, I have the pleasure of reviewing JOSHUA'S TREE, by N. W. Harris. So relax and let's take a journey to the future, if you dare.

Doesn't the cover intrigue you? It does me.
By N. W. Harris
Most teens don’t celebrate their seventeenth birthday by having a skate boarding accident that sends them to a strange forest in a future time. Oh, and being stalked by eight-foot-tall creatures that smell like road kill isn’t exactly the sort of gift Joshua had in mind either.
In JOSHUA’S TREE, Author N. W. Harris’ debut YA Novel, Joshua Tyler finds himself not only in the future but in a fight for his life against sweepers, that kill their victims and then eat them. The author’s description of these creatures assure the reader you don’t want to meet one. Nadia, a brave and strong warrior whose village has been destroyed by the sweepers, saves Josh from the creatures. She believes he was sent to save the world, and her job is to protect him so he can fulfill his destiny and kill the Father, the creator.
The relationship between Josh and Nadia is rocky at the beginning, but as they face one danger after another in their quest to find the Father and destroy him, they know they must depend on each other to survive. The story contains plenty of action and fighting for adventure lovers. I wouldn’t recommend the book for readers under fourteen because of the violent scenes. Romance lovers will root for Josh and Nadia to realize that they’re perfect for one another, even though the teens would likely disagree, most of the time, anyhow. There are a few occasions … Well, I’ll let you read the book to see how their relationship develops.
JOSHUA’S TREE will keep you reading to see what trouble the teens get into next. There’s never a dull moment. The author keeps the characters and the reader guessing as to who to trust and who are the bad guys. An enjoyable story with more to come in the next book in the series. So pick up a copy for your eReader and take a journey to the future with Joshua and Nadia.

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  1. This sounds really interesting. I've been reading more time travel books lately. It's nice to see so many available.

  2. Yeah, what Kelly said. :-) And what a terrific cover!

  3. Sounds like an interesting story, N. W. Harris and an exciting premise. Great cover!

    Susan Bernhardt
    The Ginseng Conspiracy coming out 1/14

  4. I loved your review, Beverly! I wish JOSHUA'S TREE great success. :-)

  5. It is a good story, Susan. Congratulations on your book, too.

  6. Thank you, Lexa. I hope the book is a huge success too. I think Neil is having to work and doesn't have time to stop by yet. Maybe later.