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Do I have a treat for you. I'm not posting today. That's all I'm saying. Erik, it's all yours.

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Wow! Gee, thanks. I'm a guy of few words so we'll get started. Do you remember a while back when Millie from Millicent Marie is not My Name, by Karen Pokras Toz interviewed me for the Character Book Club?Yep. She asked some great questions. It's my turn now, and let me tell you, you do not want to miss Millie's answers. So here goes.

Hey, Millie. Nice to see you again. I’m curious about something. Hope you don’t mind explaining.
Your name is really Millicent Marie, right? Why don’t you like it? I think it’s cool having two names. I’m just plain old Erik. Or Ek to Storm, but we won’t go into that.

Well Millie is okay – I guess, I mean, it’s kind of growing on me. But Millicent Marie... it’s so looong. I mean come on – 5 syllables and 14 letters. Try writing that on every test paper at school. Erik is much better and not plain at all – plus, I was named after a family member that wasn’t exactly a shining member of society, if you get my drift.


Yeah, I get that. Family can sometimes be embarrassing. You play soccer and are pretty good at it from what I hear, but you want to quit because this Haylee girl is joining the team. Why would you let her run you off? Prove that you’re better than she is.
Looking back I know you’re right, but at the time it seemed like I had no other options. It was just me against her and all her friends. Now I know that if it ever happens again, I should go talk to the coach or some other adult.

Good idea. That's what coaches are for.
I always wished I had a brother, but after reading about your brother, Doogle, and how he loves to tease you and cause other trouble, like in posting your private diary online, I’m not so sure I want a brother now. Did you ever dream the blog would make you, AKA Amanda, the most popular kid in school? Do you regret the advice you gave people?

Listen – if you ever want to test out a brother, I’m more than happy to loan Doogle out to you... more than happy because yeah – that’s exactly what he did – he took my PRIVATE diary and published on the INTERNET! Okay, so yes, it turned into an uber popular blog, and yes, it turned me into a popular (yet anonymous) advice columnist (it’s a long story ... read the book heehee) BUT I didn’t like who I became, and I definitely didn’t like all of the advice I was giving out, because some of it was more like gossip – and gossip is NOT ok.

photo credit: Beverly McClure

On second thought, maybe being an only kid has its advantages. You joined the Drama Club because your crush, Jordan Cowell, belonged. I had a crush, too. She didn’t know I existed. In fact, she liked my so-called best friend. Anyway, I think you’re brave for taking Faith’s place in Romeo and Cinderella when she got sick. I’d be petrified if I had to get on stage in front of parents and kids to dance and act. How did you do it?

Ha! I didn’t actually have a choice when it came down to it – but thanks! I honestly have no idea how I got through it. It still feels like a dream. A dreamy dream.....

 Your idea of having a “library” card so you can exchange your parents if you want to is awesome. Can you get me one of those, too? How would you want your “borrowed” parents to be different to your real parents?

Of course – I think all us kids should have one of these “library cards.” So my wish-list, huh? Oh where do I begin? For starters, they would make Doogle do most of the chores instead of me. I’d get to sleep late on weekends, and they’d get me a cell phone.

Good ideas. Good luck. Changing the subject now. I can relate to how you feel about Eve. Some kids are just annoying. The twins, especially Star, were that way when I first met them. I finally figured out she had some good points. I guess maybe they just want attention. What do you think?

I think you’re right. Eve’s really not all that bad – it’s like you said, she can just be annoying. In small doses she’s okay. I’ve been trying to be a little more patient with her... trying.

  Going back to Amanda’s blog a minute, where you talked about bullies. I never thought much about bullies, didn’t even realize girls could be bullies. Do you really believe they’re mean to other kids because they have problems of their own?

Oh yeah, girls can definitely be mean. Trust me. And yes – I truly do think kids take their own problems out on other kids sometimes. You just never know what’s going on with them at home or outside of the situation you see them in. I’m not saying that makes their behavior okay or anything, I’m just saying that sometimes there’s more to it than just a kid being a bully for the sake of being a bully.

Yeah, I guess you're right. One last question. This is kind of personal so you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Why do girls like to hold a guy’s hand? Star was always grabbing mine. I kind of liked it, sometimes, but it also was embarrassing.

Oh ... um ... oh. I don’t know. Don’t boys like holding girls hands too?

photo credit: photobucket
Is that it? This was way cool! My very first interview WOOHOO! Thanks, Erik! It was so awesome of you to have me on your blog! Tell Star and her brother I said “Hi!” (Well she probably already knows that since she can read my mind dreams, right?)

Hey! I had a blast. Stop by any time. And right, you have to hide your thoughts when Star is around.

Check back in October when Terra, from Kai Strand's novel BEWARE OF THE WHITE, interviews Breeze, from my author's novel JUST BREEZE, on Kai's blog, for the Character Book Club. Mmm, More girls. We need more boy stories, don't ya think? Ah well, girls are interesting. Whoa! Did I say that? Scratches head! Later!



  1. Great CBC meeting guys! Excellent interview Erik, and it's always so cool to hear what Millie's has to say. : ) Marcus wants to relay that he, indeed, does enjoy holding a girls hand- if that said girl is an awesome person, of course. Thanks for getting together to chat- it's always fun to swap stories with each other! ~ DMS

  2. Hi Erik! Thanks so much for interviewing Millie! She is so excited to be on your blog today - it's all she's been talking about since she met you! She made me promise that I would come here to tell you that her offer still stands about Doogle. I believe her exact words were: "Tell him to just say the word and I'll deliver Doogle right over for the afternoon, or day, or week, or year - whatever. I can make it happen."

  3. Hi Erik! Thanks so much for interviewing Millie! She is so excited to be on your blog today - it's all she's been talking about since she met you! She made me promise that I would come here to tell you that her offer still stands about Doogle. I believe her exact words were: "Tell him to just say the word and I'll deliver Doogle right over for the afternoon, or day, or week, or year - whatever. I can make it happen."

  4. Tell Millie I had a great time picking her brain. I'll have to think about Doogle. He might be fun to play baseball with, but I'm not sure I could trust him with my secrets, not that I have any, mind you. :)

  5. Such a fun interview! I love character interviews because it's like getting an inside view that really only the author has.

  6. I love to hear the characters talk too, Kelly. What they say sometimes is surprising.

  7. Another super CBC meeting. I just love this feature and what a wonderful interview Erik! I loved hearing from Millie.

    Paul R. Hewlett

  8. Erik here. Thanks, Paul. Millie is pretty cool. Girls aren't so bad after all.

  9. Hey Erik, this is Eric Scott from the Deliverers. Great interview! We really have to get together and talk. Millie is real cool. This Character Book Club is a lot of fun! Talk to ya later!

  10. Hey, another Erik. Nice to meetcha.
    Yeah, Millie's interesting. She helped me figure girls out, a little. They sure are complicated. The Club is fun. Be sure and check back in October for more.

  11. Thanks, Kake. Millie was fun to talk to. She's smart too. Erik

  12. Mmm. That's Kate. I'm embarrassed. Spelling is my worst subject. Sorry. Erik.

  13. Thanks for an interesting and fun interview!

  14. Fun and interesting interview. Interesting thought about having a “library” card to exchange parents if you want to.

  15. Thanks, Pamela. Millie has some awesome answers and didn't seem to mind me being nosey. :) Erik

  16. Yeah, I really liked that idea, too, Susanne. New parents for a day. Wow. Erik.

  17. Cute character interview, especially the question as to why girls like to hold hands. :)

  18. Haha! Yeah, Christine. I'm just learning about girls. They're hard to figure out sometimes. Erik.