Friday, August 2, 2013


Our yard has mesquite trees, mulberry, elm trees and pine trees. With little rain for the past three years and temperatures in the 100s most of the summers, the trees are trying to survive. We're in stage three water conservation, which means we can water our yard only twice a month, during certain hours. We don't water anyway, since we haul our water from the city. (Side note: The city is laying a line down our road as I write. Soon, we'll have city water, if any is left.)

Anyhow, we have/had seven tall pine trees. Four of them finally gave up and are nothing but bare limbs. A few days ago the one in the front yard fell to the ground. It landed on the fence and luckily did no damage. This fall I'll call someone out to cut down the one in the backyard that is close to the house. I hate to see them go. No more pine cones. No more branches for birds to build their nests. The mesquites and elms have suffered a little, but they're tough and can withstand the drought. For how much longer I don't know. The mulberries are sickly. So I pray for rain every day. A good heavy rain to add water to the lakes and ponds. Farewell lovely pines.

Our son has cut this one up so it's not hanging over the driveway. One consolation: We'll have a lot of firewood for this winter.
Now, this has nothing to do with writing. Or does it? How about a story of a tree and the critters that live in its branches and holes in the trunk. Yeah, I guess it's been done. You never know.
Happy Reading.


  1. I hope you get some rain soon!

  2. Ohhh... I feel sorry for your trees. Isn't it odd that in the background of the picture, there seem to be a long row of trees that look very green and healthy.

    As a person who lives in the desert, I suggest a bucket in the shower and a cup in the sink to catch water when you shower and wash your hands/brush teeth. That water can be used for the trees. :-)

  3. So do I, Susanne. Signs are in people's yards all over town: Pray for Rain. We had a little, but need much more.

  4. Those healthy trees are mesquites and a few elm trees, Lexa. They can survive anything. They come up wild and I really like them. The mesquites have beans on them that horses and cows like to eat.

    Yep, I save bath water and carry it in buckets to water the trees. My washing machine has a line outside that waters the grass. The heat hurt the pines as much as lack of water.