Monday, June 17, 2013


Have you read any good books lately? If so, tell us about them. One of the stories I read recently is TOUCH OF DEATH by Kelly Hashway. Here are my thoughts.


By Kelly Hashway

Imagine how you’d feel if every living thing, human or animal, that you touched died. Imagine discovering that you have the power to bring them back to life. Imagine learning that you aren’t exactly a normal human being.

In Author Kelly Hashway’s YA fantasy novel TOUCH OF DEATH Jodi Marshall faces such a dilemma. It seems something bad happens to everyone she’s around. She hits a deer with her car, killing it, but it vanishes. The school nurse dies minutes after she gives Jodi the all-clear to return to class after the accident. The list goes on and on. To add to her problems, a guy Jodi’s never seen before is stalking her. I won’t even mention what happens to her hunk of a boyfriend. She soon finds herself in a whole new world that she never knew existed, but that she is a major part of.

Kelly Hashway weaves secrets, zombies, mythology, and an unlikely romance into a tale of intrigue and adventure. She adds some surprises along the way. A variety of characters, both good and evil, keep the story moving and the reader, this reader anyway, racing ahead to see what happens next. Warning, some of the scenes are pretty graphic. So curl up in your favorite spot, turn on all the lights, and enjoy TOUCH OF DEATH.



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Happy Reading.



  1. Wow, this just made my day, Beverly! Thank you so much for the great review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. :)

  2. Kelly is an amazing writer! But I haven't read these because I'm not into zombies. Great review Beverly.

  3. Thanks, Kelly. I'm glad I made your day. We need those pleasant surprises from time to time. :)

    Zombies are not really my thing, either, Beth, but this story contains a lot of other interesting elements, besides the zombies.

  4. Great to see your review of Kelly's book, Beverly. You always do such a great job.

  5. Aw, thanks, C Lee. It's easy to write a good review for a good book.

  6. What a great review, Beverly! Kelly must be thrilled - you made her book sound fantastic. You're awesome! :-)

  7. Thanks, Lexa. I never planned to review books, then I started getting requests to do so, reviewed a few, and really enjoyed it. My way, I guess, of helping readers find good books. Kelly's book is a good read, (even with the vivid descriptions of those poor little animals Jodi touches. Yes, I'm an animal lover). Just kidding, Kelly. :)