Friday, June 21, 2013


Happy First Day of Summer. Where did spring go? This Friday I have another awesome book to tell you about, BEWARE OF THE WHITE, by Kai Strand. So read on and meet Terra and friends.


By Kai Strand

How did you celebrate your twelfth birthday? A party? Balloons? Cake? Ice cream? Your best friends singing “Happy Birthday” to you while you blew out twelve candles?

In Kai Strands new fantasy eBook for tween readers, BEWARE OF THE WHITE, Terra celebrates her twelfth birthday by discovering she’s a Natures Spirit and it’s time for her to learn what her special talents are. With her Introguide, Hermie, Terra enters the Underworld, a new world filled with unusual characters, some friendly, some dangerous. In the course of her Underworld studies, Terra finds that she is named in a prophecy, which could mean her death. Frank, gorgeous eighteen-year-old, is assigned as her Spirit of Security protector to keep her safe.

Wow! So much is going on in this story that you can’t put the book down for wanting to see what happens to Terra and the friends she makes along the way. At least I wanted to keep reading and let everything else go. Kai Strand builds a fascinating world of mother love, honor, respect, and danger as secrets about the prophecy are revealed, along with secrets Terra’s mother has kept from her daughter. Terra is strong and brave. She’s also human and not perfect (even though she is a Natures Spirit), making her a good role-model for other twelve-year-olds, especially the way she stands up to the “real” world girls that bully her at school.

BEWARE OF THE WHITE will appeal to young readers that are searching for meaning to their lives, which at this age can be quite confusing. They may even get a lesson in how to deal with a bully. The eBook will make a nice gift for the tweens in your life and for yourself, as well, as you journey with Terra to a land in need of a heroine, like Terra. Happy reading.



  1. Beverly, thank you for the wonderful review! Your support is so appreciated.

  2. This is a great story, Kai. And you're a great writer. :)

    Thanks, Kelly.

  3. I tried to write MG once and it was too hard! lol
    Congrats to Kai for bringing such cute MG characters to life. Wishing her much success!

  4. It is different, Lexa. Kai does a nice job.