Friday, March 1, 2013


Music has charms to sooth the savage breast.

Literal meaning. That literal meaning may be misinterpreted somewhat as this phrase is commonly misreported as 'music has (or occasionally 'hath') charms to soothe the savage beast'.


The phrase was coined by William Congreve, in The Mourning Bride, 1697:
Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast,
To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.
I've read, that things inanimate have mov'd,
And, as with living Souls, have been inform'd,
By Magick Numbers and persuasive Sound.
What then am I? Am I more senseless grown
Than Trees, or Flint? O force of constant Woe!
'Tis not in Harmony to calm my Griefs.
Anselmo sleeps, and is at Peace; last Night
The silent Tomb receiv'd the good Old King;
He and his Sorrows now are safely lodg'd
Within its cold, but hospitable Bosom.
Why am not I at Peace?
I found this information at The Phrase Finder site. So my Friday First this first day of March 2013 is what is the first song or singing group you remember as really liking?

When I was a kid, my aunt and uncle had a Wurlitzer Juke Box from the restaurant they once owned. Every time we visited them, I'd play the records that were on it. My favorite song back then, and still one of my favorites today, was On Blueberry Hill sung by Fats Domino. Ocassionally I hear it on the radio, 50's channel, and it brings back pleasant memories of those visits.

Okay. Your turn.

Have a super weekend. Happy reading and writing.


  1. I love "On Blueberry Hill"! I dimly remember "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "Supercalifragilistic..." as a child. The first album I bought as a teen was the Captain & Tenille, and I'm not too proud to admit I still like "Love Will Keep Us Together" and some of the other songs they did!
    Really great post topic, Beverly! :-)

  2. I had no idea about the origination of that phrase or the misquote. So interesting!

    My earliest memory of LOVING a song is my lifelong friend and I marching around her basement to the 45 of Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. We may or may not have been singing about her sister.

  3. I remember those songs, Lexa, and the Captain and Tenille.

    Thanks for the memories.

  4. The reason I looked it up, Kai, was because I've heard it both ways (breast and beast). Wanted to see the difference.

    Ha ha! I understand about the sister. I have one too.

  5. I remember liking the typical kids songs when I was little. I remember really loving The Beatles. My parents listened to them in the car and in the house and my brothers and I would sing along. "Come together...right now..." :)

  6. Aw, yes. The Beatles were quite popular. Thanks for the reminder, Stephanie.