Friday, December 7, 2012


Lately, I've had little time to blog or write. I have been reading, however. My latest reads are GRIFFIN'S STORM, written by my talented friend and award winning author Darby Karchut, and a fun book quite different from Darby's, NERD GIRLS A CATASTROPHE OF NERDISH PROPORTIONS, by Alan Lawrence Sitomer. These books are perfect for the MG/Tween/YA readers.

Author: Darby Karchut
Publisher: Copper Square Studios
From the jacket:
"For centuries, there have been rumors about a lowly
caste of supernatural beings known as the Terrae Angeli.
Armed with the power to control Earth, Fire, Wind and
Water, these warriors and their apprentices serve
as guardians for humans in danger."
(Review coming soon.)
 Author: Alan Lawrence Sitomer
Publisher:  Disney, Hyperion Books
From the jacket:
"Three Things I Love:
chocolate, laughing, friends.
"Three Things I Hate:
girls who think they're better than me because
they're prettier than I am, public speaking,
jokes about my body."
(I want socks like those.)
(Review coming soon.)
What have you been reading?
Have a nice weekend.


  1. I don't have much access to books, but I was lucky enough to get Ali Cross's new trilogy FOR FREE - Wahoo!! Otherwise, I just read what my brilliant group of CPs writes. :-)

  2. Free books are always good. :)CPs are great, aren't they, not only to help with our stories but to point us to great books. Have a nice weekend, Lexa.

  3. Nerd Girls sounds like a good one! Well, I've been reading a book a day this month. Though, I must admit they are picture books. I've been posting about them on my blog each day. They bring out the kid from inside you and put a smile on your face.

  4. Yes, I know what you mean about reading picture books. They're uplifting and the artwork is so gorgeous. A book a day, even picture books, is a lot. But so much fun. We all should be children from time to time.