Friday, September 28, 2012


Today, I have the pleasure of sharing my thoughts on Kai Strand's newest book for Middle Grade Readers: SAVE THE LEMMINGS

The Review:

Do you know someone who is always cheery and smiley and greets you with a happy saying? Does this person make you want to hide every time you see them approaching? Does their positive outlook on life inspire you? Or does it make you want to snap back at them “Why are you always so upbeat, huh?”

In SAVE THE LEMMINGS, Author Kai Strand’s latest novel for middle grade readers, we meet 12-year-old Natalie Isabelle Cailean Edwards who always has a snappy saying and a huge smile for her friends, teachers, and the other students at school. Natalie, with help from her best friends, invents the Texty-Talky, and once her invention becomes a reality life will never be the same for Natalie. The author creates a distinct personality for other characters in the story, as well as for her main character, Natalie. Sandra is the grumpy athlete; Jayne scratches a lot; Tamilla is a computer genius. And what’s a book without a bad guy? SAVE THE LEMMINGS has Trudy and her buddies that delight in making fun of Natalie and even getting her into serious trouble whenever they can. Where do the lemmings from the title come in, you might be wondering? The little critters play an important role in the story, but I don’t want to give away too much. You’ll see when you read the book.

Kai Strand has written a story that should appeal to middle school/tween readers who are budding inventors or just students that enjoy a fun read with a subtle lesson about the price of fame. This book would make a great addition to school classrooms, public libraries, and your own private library. And after you finish reading it, go out and “Save the Lemmings.” You’ll be happy you did.

EBook courtesy of the author.

  • Paperback: 108 pages
  • Publisher: MLR Press (August 10, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1608207102
  • ISBN-13: 978-1608207107

  • About the Author:

    Kai Strand writes fiction for middle grade and young adult readers. Her debut novel, The Weaver, was a finalist in the 2012 EPIC eBook Awards. The Wishing Well: Another Weaver Tale is set in the same storytelling village as The Weaver. She is a (very lucky) wife and the mother of four amazing kids. The most common sound in her household is laughter. The second most common is, "Do your dishes!" She and her family hike, geocache, and canoe in beautiful Central Oregon, where they call home.

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    1. Thanks for highlighting Kai, Beverly! She's awesome. This story sounds pretty sweet, too.

    2. Kai is a talented author, Sheri, and we'll be reading more of her work soon.

    3. Great review, Beverly. This book sounds really good.

    4. Thanks, Kelly. It is a fun read with a subtle lesson. :)