Friday, September 21, 2012


Today, it is my pleasure to host Author Beth Fred. Beth lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their little ELF (Emily Lace Fred). She spends her time bringing her day dreams to life on paper, and blogging about bringing day dreams to life. You can find more about that at

Beth has a neat story to tell you, about her debut novella and life in general.

Lessons Learned From Fate (Kismet)

Kismet will be my first publication. It’s also the first piece of my fiction to garner real interest from traditional publishers. I learned so much from this short story, that I can’t possibly contain it to one small post, so I’ve decided to focus on two lessons learned from Fate.

First of all, Fate is a horrible title for a book of any sort, whether it be a short story or full length novel. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in fate or destiny. Call it what you will. I also believe there are 2592 results for “fate” on goodreads. That is a lot of competition. Now you might think this doesn’t matter, but a certain book blogger went to B&N in 2010 to buy Sea and came back with Sea Changed. The good news is Sea Changed is a good book. The bad is said blogger still has not read Sea. Should anyone be looking for my book, I want them to find my book. So fate became kismet.

On a more serious note, I always believed I was a “muse” writer. I could only write when I was “inspired.” I was wrong. Kismet was written to a submissions call for an anthology on a deadline. I missed the deadline by one day. Still I came out of it with the clearest plot I’d ever written and the new found piece of information that I can write from any idea I want. It doesn’t have to be some divine message delivered to me in a dream.


Well said, Beth, and something for us all to consider.

Short Blurb

Tiffany is a hard-working accountant with no time for love. After escaping her sister's too wild Cancun bachelorette party, she meets a local guy, Luke in the bar. When they're forced to spend time together, Tiffany lets her guard down, but she still has to return to the US in two days. Will the airport be their final goodbye?

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  1. Thank you for hosting me, Beverly.

  2. You're welcomd, Beth. Your thoughts about fate and book titles are interesting. And so true. Best of luck to you.

  3. Beth, your book sound amazing. Thanks, Bev, for letting us know about another great one!

  4. It does sound like a good read, Darby. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Kismet is a great title for it too. I really enjoyed Beth's story.

  6. The title sure makes me want to know more about the book and characters, Kelly.

  7. Enjoyed the post. Kismet sounds like a good title for the book. Best wishes to you, Beth!