Monday, June 4, 2012


Quote for the week:  Promise me you'll always remember you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. A. A. Milne

Recently I was honored  by Brooke Ryter who kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you, Brooke. Visit her blog and see what she's up to.

According to the rules, I must list 15 blogs worth discovering and reveal 7 things about myself.    Well, I'm going to have to pass on naming the worthwhile blogs. My schedule overfloweth with stuff to do, like edits and reviews and promo and all the good stuff that comes with being a writer. But all of my dear friends and followers have great blogs so each of you are nominated and if you so desire, pick up the award and display it on  your blog. Let us know if you do.
Now, for things about myself, which you probably already know.
1. I'm a mom of three living sons, six grandchildren, two step grandchildren, and three great grandkids. Also two cats and deer and birds that I feed.
2. My favorite book and movie is Gone With The Wind.
3. I like to listen to the old records by Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, and The Platters. (Yes, I have a record player. These aren't CDs.)
4. Playing the piano is my way to relax.
5. I save things, like the 1889 silver dollar my grandparents gave me when I was very young.
6. I have claustrophobia and hate closets, submarines, and elevators.
7. Long walks among the mesquite and elm trees make me thankful for God's beautiful world.
And there you have my life.
Thank you again, Brooke.
Have a lovely week, everyone.
Happy reading.   


  1. Congrats! I still have a record player, although we don't use it much anymore.

  2. That's great. You know how wonderful we thought the music was, but when I listen to it now I can see a big difference in sound. Still, like to remember those days though. :)

  3. 1889 silver dollars are worth saving.

  4. Yes, they are. It's in great shape too. It has special meaning though because my grand parents never gave us kids a gift. It was a treat.

  5. Hi Beverly. CONGRATS on your award! It was fun learning some new things about you. : )

  6. Now I have no secrets. :) Thanks for stopping by, Susanne.

  7. We share that claustrophobia, Beverly. I have no curtains on my windows. Good thing I live in a remote area, right?

    Great award for you. You are very Versatile, but much more.

  8. Umm, yes, Lee, I'd say that is a good thing. I like open windows where the outside is visible, though. Our glass door in the kitchen leads to the patio and has no blinds.

  9. Beverly-

    Keep hold of that silver dollar and your records (priceless!). Keep feeding those wonderful animals. Hug all those grandbabies. It was the thought of the grandbabies that kept me from selling my kids for a quarter when they were teenagers (I now have 5 grandchildren and 1 more on the way). Stay out of closets, submarines, and elevators. Would you take a wonderful walk and tinkle the keys once for me.

    Have a great weekend!!


  10. LOL, Brooke. I love your sense of humor. I'll do all of them.

    Congratulations on your grandchildren. They are the best part of growing older.

    You have a lovely weekend too.