Friday, April 13, 2012

PFC Liberty Stryker

My guest today is Peggy Tibbetts, author of two middle grade novels, Letters to Juniper and The Road to Weird  and a YA/crossover novel PFC Liberty Stryker. She was managing editor and columnist at She has also worked as an associate producer of educational videos for Upper Midwest Films, contributing editor for Children’s Magic Window magazine, and Children’s Writing Resource Editor at

In their spare time Peggy and her husband, Tod manage the West Elk Multi-Use Trails on the Flattop Mountains for the White River National Forest. She and Tod enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, and camping with their beloved Malamute, Zeus, and Chihuahua mix, Pepé in the mountains of western Colorado, where they live.

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Recently, I had the pleasure of reading PFC Liberty Stryker.

Paperback: 364 pages
Publisher:  Lunatic Fringe Publishing (Jan. 21, 2012)
ISBN:        978-0967786841

Here is my review:

According to history, William Tecumseh Sherman stated “War is hell” during the American Civil War. Years have passed since then with many wars in our world. In the newspapers and on TV we hear about the men and women who fight and die in these battles. But do we really understand what they experience in foreign lands, away from family and home. Do we know the horrors they witness every day? I’ve always thought it’s sad that people cannot get along with one another, but never considered the gruesome reality of day to day life for our soldiers. Until I read Peggy Tibbetts’ novel PFC LIBERTY STRYKER, that is. Boy did the author open my eyes to the truth. I have to agree with Mr. Sherman.

After Libby Stryker’s father, who was career army, is killed at the Pentagon on 9/11, Libby joins the army and before long is in the desert of Iraq, seeing a side of war that only one who’s been there can believe. Death is everywhere and not just the soldiers but innocent men, women, and children as well. The author describes the scenes in such depth that the reader can almost hear the cries of pain, smell the stench of blood and bodies, and feel the terror in the air. Don’t be surprised if you cry a little. I did. I will warn you, also, that the language is raw and rough and not for the squeamish. Libby has a lot to learn about her fellow soldiers, and she soon discovers that sometimes those we trust the most are not what or who we believe them to be. The story is full of unexpected twists that show just how complicated war and people really are.

Author Peggy Tibbetts did her research. Her acknowledgment at the front of the book credits the many people who helped her get the details of PFC LIBERTY STRYKER just right. After reading this book, I think you’ll appreciate even more the sacrifices of our brave soldiers, to keep America, you and me, safe.


  1. i admire authors who tackle tough subjects, and what tougher subject than war?

    I look forward to reading PFC Liberty Stryker.

  2. Oh, almost forgot. You're one of the featured New books on my blog tomorrow for N day!

  3. Peggy did write about an unpopular war, clee. She didn't soften it up either.

    Great Thanks for the reminder. Will see you tomorrow. L)