Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun Friday

I don't know about you, dear friends, but I'm tired. The week's been busy, and I'm ready for a break. So, today is Fun Friday. Name five things you like to do for fun. Here are mine:

1. Play the piano. I used to tickle the ivories every day. Lately, however, there's never time. Will play today.
2. Watch some of the DVDs I've had for ages, but never have seen. (Vampire Diaries, Season One; The latest Harry Potter, and my old James Dean movies that I can watch over and over.)
3. Add pictures to my youngest granddaughter's album. The older girls have their albums.
4. Walk and smell the wildflowers, watch the birds, and listen to the wind blowing.
5. Look through my school year books and wonder where all my friends are today. I know of some. Others I haven't a clue.

And sleep.

Have a happy weekend.


  1. Sleep has my vote as number one. A wise man once said: "We are human beings, not human doings."
    True that.

  2. Oh, I like that. Must remember it. Actually, I took a nap this afternoon, a rarity for me. It was wonderful.

  3. 1. Sleep! Always been my first choice. May not always get enough of it, but I'll try and make up for it with a nap.
    2. Baking. Especially cookies. Haven't done that in awhile.
    3. Watch shows I've DVR'd. I usually try to watch them while I'm couponing or doing mending, so I'm multi-tasking.
    4. Gardening - looking forward to doing a lot of it this summer.
    5. Cross stitching. Haven't done that in ages. Usually something I would do while watching TV, again the multi-tasking thing.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Hope you are enjoying a restful weekend. My five:

    1. Participate in the local MS walk.
    2. Attend a friends bar-b-q.
    3. Watch a movie with my daughter, not sure which one yet.
    4. Go to dinner with my sister, brother-in-law, hubby and our dear friends Teresa and Scott
    5. Go for a leisurely walk along the Hudson River

  5. Yes, Susanne. I'm with you on the sleep. Never get enough.
    Cross stiching, you talented lady. My sewing skills are pathetic. I don't even try.

  6. What a lovely weekend you have planned, Donna. The walk sounds nice. I love to walk too.

  7. It's been a tiring week for me too, but I'm trying to catch up on my sleep. Want to get some reading done too. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  8. Thanks, J. L. I hope you caught up on your sleep. The weekend's been busier than I had planned. Trying to get the first round edits of my story finished for the editor. Did have a short nap this afternoon.

    Have a nice week.

  9. Oh, I need this post right now. I'm so tired from all the editing I'm doing. Fun right now would be sleeping. Oh, how I miss it.