Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spurs for Jose Review

Historical fiction novels are some of my favorite stories. Recently, I read Wanda Snow Porter's YA novel Spurs for Jose and would like to share it with you. Here's a little about Wanda from her Website: I grew up on a small farm roaming the hills and riding horses along the California Coast, attended school in a nearby town, then married and stayed in this friendly community to raise a family. As a docent for the Dana Adobe, I help school kids experience what life was like 150 years ago on an Alta California rancho.
My love of animals, experience as a riding teacher and horse trainer, my passion for art and history led me to write and illustrate the Burro Picture Book Series published by the Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos. To learn more about this wonderful old adobe or purchase books click:
Dana Adobe

The Review:

Many times I forget about the brave men, women, and children that settled our land. They suffered hardships we can only imagine, but because of the bravery of the people before us, America is the great nation that it is today.

In author Wanda Snow Porter’s novel, Spurs for Jose, the reader travels back in time with twelve-year-old Jose Rodriquez as he faces one challenge after another on the way to becoming a vaquero and taming the wild horses like his father and brothers. The year is 1846 and when Jose’s father tells him it’s time for Jose to ride the young colts, Jose is excited, but he also wonders if he has the courage that he needs to follow after his father.

The author takes us on a journey that will appeal to the adventurous nature in young and old alike. Through Jose, we learn how to tame a wild horse the way the vaqueros did years ago. Since I love horses and we once owned several quarter horses, I found this especially interesting. Jose and the other characters are well developed, revealing their desires and bravery, along with their doubts and their fears. Spurs for Jose would make a good addition to classroom libraries for information on American history.


Spurs for Jose is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Whimsical Publications LLC


  1. Oh, wow. Horses and historical fiction! Perfect! Thanks for the great review, Bev.

  2. You're welcome, Darby. Yes, I love horses. Wish we still had ours.