Friday, January 20, 2012

Destined amd Through the Portal

I have more great stories to tell you about. So pour a cup of coffee or tea, settle back and read on:

DESTINED by Jessie Harrell

From Goodreads:

When Psyche receives a prophecy gone horribly wrong, she learns that even the most beautiful girl in Greece can have a hideous future. Her fate? Fall in love with the one creature even the gods fear.

As she feels herself slipping closer into the arms of the prophecy, Psyche must choose between the terrifyingly tender touch she feels almost powerless to resist and the one constant she's come to expect out of life: you cannot escape what is destined.

Destined is a fresh and heartachingly romantic retelling of the Cupid & Psyche myth from debut novelist, Jessie Harrell.

The Review:

Take a boy, a girl, and a mother who wants to see them married. Mix. And you have a typical romance story, right? Well, sometimes. Other times you have romance, sure, but also adventure, sister rivalry, mortals, gods, and betrayals.

Author Jessie Harrell’s debut novel, Destined, has romance all right. It also contains much more. The boy, Eros, is a god. The girl, Psyche, is a mortal. Aphrodite, the mother of Eros, has chosen Psyche to serve as her daughter and also to marry her son. There are problems from the start, however. The two would-be lovers are strongly opposed to the marriage and make their feelings known. What’s a poor mother to do? Will Aphrodite find a new bride for her son? Will she punish Psyche for her unacceptable behavior regarding Eros? As the story unfolds, the reader follows the characters, sometimes wanting to shake them, other times wondering if the two lovers’ fates are destined or if they can change the future, at least these were the thoughts of this reader. Every time I thought I had it all figured out, the story would take a turn and introduce something totally unexpected, and I had to keep reading to see how the new developments worked out.

Now I know very little about mythology and gods and goddesses, but I loved Eros and Psyche, even though they weren’t always nice which made them more interesting, and I so wanted them to find happiness. Jessie Harrell raised the tension with each page, keeping the reader guessing what would happen next. She also threw in a couple of twists along the way, so I never was quite sure what to expect next. Whether you’re new to mythology, like me, or know all about the gods and goddesses, I think you’ll enjoy reading Destined. It’s a story well worth your time.



From Goodreads:

What's the worst part of falling through a portal to another world and not being able to get back? When the first person you meet almost gets you killed by a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon. Luckily, Jem and Oliver, two boys who were about to start their first year in high school, are saved by Sierra, a farm girl who is itching to get out of her small town. Together, the three of them set off on a quest to defeat the evil Veroci Regime that is stealing all the magic from the world, but can they do it before the Dragon catches up with them?
Through the Portal is the first book in a planned trilogy.
Approx. 104,000 words(less)

The Review:

Ebook courtesy of the author

Some kids get teased a lot at school. Some kids defend those that are teased. Friendship is a beautiful thing. Everyone needs a friend they can depend on.

In Justin Dennis’s debut novel, Through the Portal, we meet Jem Surwae and Oliver Pautelle. Jem is poor and often the victim of the bullies at school. He isn’t looking forward to entering high school next year. Oliver lives in a mansion and takes up for Jem.

On the last day of school, at 1 AM, the boys decide to go scuba diving. When they discover a hole in the bottom of the lake, their whole lives change and they’re soon on an adventure that takes them through a portal to another world. A 4-foot tall man, a giant bear, and Red Dragons are just the beginning. The boys meet sisters, Sierra and Rimaya, who use magic even though the Regime has outlawed magic for the people. Jem and Oliver want to help fight the Regime before they take control and kill everyone opposed to them, but they soon find themselves in big trouble. You’ll have to read the book to find out how, or if, they succeed in their goals.
Likeable characters and interesting encounters with unusual creatures in a fantasy world make for a fast read. The author has written a story that will appeal to fantasy lovers who like characters with spunk. This is the first book in a trilogy, so join in the fun and follow Jem and Oliver on their travels. I believe Justin Dennis has a promising future in writing ahead of him.



  1. Of course, I'm a major fan of Jessie's DESTINED. I haven't heard of THROUGH THE PORTAL, though. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

  2. You're welcome. I'm a fan of mythology now and Jessie of course.

  3. Yay for more wonderful books to add to my pile. Keep them coming, Bev!

  4. I really need to slow down, Darby. My stack of books to read is threatening to collapse and bury me under it. :)