Monday, November 14, 2011

New eBook Publisher

Quote for the week:  Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. William Jam

Today I'd like to introduce you to a new eBook publisher. Nicole Langan may not be new to you. You may know her from her books and from the tours. She has ventured into a new business though and she's here to tell you what she's up to.

From Nicole: Beginning in 2012, Tribute Books will become solely an ebook publisher of young adult titles.

We're looking to work with authors who are savvy with social media - those who blog, tweet and update their Facebook status on a daily basis.

Our preference is for authors who already have a book(s) published through a royalty-paying press. We want to work with those who are familiar with the ins and outs of the publishing process. We seek those who have experience having their work edited and know the effort required for successful book promotion.

There would be NO charge for authors, and those selected would receive 50% of the net retail price in royalties

To begin, we're looking to work with 12 authors in 2012, publishing one per month.

Nicole agreed to an interview with me and kindly answered my questions.

1. Tell us a little about yourself, Nicole.

I'm 32-years-old. I've lived in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area for most of my life. I have a 9-month-old Shih-Tzu puppy named Buster. My favorite TV shows are Dexter and Breaking Bad. I love movies that originate from film festivals. I'm a fan of Italian, Mexican and Chinese food. I've been reading books since I was 4-years-old. I work from home. My daily uniform is centered around blue jeans. I wish summer was a year-long season because I detest the cold. I'm addicted to Diet Coke. I enjoy being outdoors and experiencing nature. I'm your typical Virgo - quiet, creative, detail-oriented.

2. How did you get into the publishing business?

I've spent roughly the last 12 years in the publishing world. I have a B.A. summa cum laude in English and Communications. From 1999-2004, I went from being an intern to an editorial assistant to an associate editor of a regional magazine.

In 2004, I started Tribute Books. Since that time, I've worked with dozens of authors, illustrators, photographers and editors in publishing over 30 books. Some of our books have gone on to win awards such as the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year and the Mom's Choice Award while others were endorsed by PBS and The Thoreau Society. We've published a wide variety of genres from children's picture books to history to sports under both traditional and subsidy contracts.
In 2012, we'll embark on a new transition becoming solely an e-publisher of young adult titles. There will be no charge for the young adult authors we select to work with, and they will receive 50% of the net profits of their ebook sales in quarterly royalty payments.

3. What do you think is the best way for an author to promote her/his work?

I am a big believer in the power of social media. I even conduct monthly blog tours for outside publishers and authors in order to help them increase the online presence of a book. Book bloggers are a powerful force in the book industry. With more and more book stores closing and book review columns being cut from major newspapers, readers are depending on bloggers to help them find the books they want to read. They are turning to the internet as a reference point to fill this information gap.

In my opinion, social networking is the bread and butter of any author's promotional efforts. Without it, it's like trying to paddle upstream without a canoe. Readers want to connect with the person who wrote the book. They crave interaction with an author. Nothing beats getting a writer to comment on a blogger's book review post or getting a personalized thank you tweet from your favorite author. The days of authors being isolated from their fans is over. They're now able to build an online following and receive instant feedback for their work. They have the opportunity to take part in creating their own literary community.
We try to keep an active online presence with our web site (, Facebook (, Twitter ( and blog ( We'd love to have anyone who loves young adult literature to join us for the ride.

4. Are you a reader also? If so, what are your favorite books?

Absolutely! I'd have to say I've been pretty taken with Lauren Oliver's work - Before I Fall and Delirium. Her ability to translate such an intensity of emotion onto the page really impressed me. Even though her books are marketed to a young adult audience, the quality of her writing is strong enough to stand on its own in comparison to any genre.

5. Do you think ebooks will eventually be more popular than print? Why or why not?

I do. Over the course of 2011, we've watched our ebook sales outpace our print sales by 2 to 1 due to the explosion in popularity of e-readers such as the Kindle, Nook and iPad. The under $5 price point of most of our e-titles and the ease of purchase and delivery surely facilitated this rapid change. I can only see this trend increasing in momentum as the price of e-readers continues to lower and more and more people start using this new technology. The industry shift is similar to what occurred in terms of music buying habits when iTunes downloads became more popular that CD purchases. There will always be a market for print books, but I think the majority of book sales will soon be electronic. People want the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to obtain their reading material.
Thanks for agreeing to host me. I really appreciate it.

It's been my pleasure, Nicole. Best of luck in what sounds like an exciting future.


  1. What a great interview, ladies. Nicole, best of luck to you and Tribute on this new venture.

    Out of curiosity, will your authors be able to provide a print version of the Tribute titles on their own if they wish?

  2. As always, Beverly, thank you for your continued support of all our endeavors, and I wish you nothing but continued success in your own writing career.

    Kai, thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, at this time, our forthcoming titles will be available as ebooks only. No print versions will be produced.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Kai. A new publisher is always exciting. :)

  4. You're welcome, Nicole. I too wish you lots of success.

  5. She's in the right place at the right time. Hats off to her and thanks for telling us about Tribute!

  6. Thank you very much, cleemckenzie.

    Beverly, I forgot to mention - great selection for an opening quote to the post.

  7. I think you're right C Lee. From what I keep hearing ebook sales are growing. I know I'm enjoying my iPad.

  8. Thanks, Nicole. I like it. :) And it does fit too.

  9. I recently posted on the trend toward ebooks, and most of the commentors protested the report that in 3-5 years most of the print book business would be dead. But I still see it happening!

  10. Mmm, interesting, Diane. I hope there's room for both because I like the ebooks. They're easier on my tired old eyes. I also like print books. Guess we'll see. Hope books don't end up like the old records, just collectors items. :)

  11. I wonder if more and more teens will get their own e-readers for the holidays?

  12. that's an interesting thought, Darby. I guess we'll see. :)