Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Special Poem for a Special Girl



So tiny

So frail

Sweet baby girl.

I saw you one time only

Through the glass

In the nursery.

Tiny lips smiling,

Or were they frowning?

For you knew what was to come.

Cute little nose

The size of a button.

Sweet baby girl.

You were not meant for this world.

God had other plans for you.

I wish I could hold you

And tell you I love you.

I think you know,

Sweet baby girl.

God wanted you with him,

To tell you He loves you too.

I miss you,

Sweet baby girl.

One day I’ll see you again.

I’ll hold you and

Whisper in your ear,

I love you,

My granddaughter.

My sweet baby girl.

Happy Birthday,

Sierra Marie.

August 21, 1983 to August 26, 1983




  1. Hi Beverly. That is a very special poem. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thanks, Susanne. It was something I had to do at this particular time.