Saturday, August 27, 2011


The race is on. Yes. The local annual Hotter Than H...... race is today. Our road is on the 50 mile route. I've been watching the riders peddle past the house. Tried to take some pictures. Murphy's law is in effect however. Low battery light came on, so I'm charging the battery. The race will be over before my camera's working again. Ah well.

This year the race will live up to its name. Temperature expected to top 100 plus again. Right now it's fairly pleasant. The race started an hour earlier than usual, I think, to allow for the heat. The 100 milers may be melting before they finish.

Any bicycle racers out there? They do have the competative racing for the serious racers.

Me? I prefer the comfort of my air conditioned house. My exercise is flexing my fingers as I type.

Have a super weekend.


  1. My brothers always did bike races and triathlons and whatnot, but I've always preferred a book in my hands.

  2. Here in Colorado, we are finishing the week-long ProCycling Tour. I do mountain biking myself, but consider myself a cross-country runner more than anything else. I love a good, hard workout!

  3. And congrats on your Global e-book award for Caves, Cannons, and Crinolines! Well deserved - what a terrific book!

  4. Bicycling seems to be quite popular. Area hotels were filled, cars with bicycles attached were all over town. Good business for the city. They have several distances the riders can race, one is for pros, I think.

    Wish I was more athletic. You're inspiring.

    I'm a great spectator. :)

  5. Thanks for the congrats, Darby. I've been pleasantly surprised.

  6. No bike racing for me. I also like the comfort of an air-conditioned house. I do have a rebounder that I'll be getting on as soon as I quit using it for a catch-all spot.

  7. lol.You'll have to find another spot for all the stuff you want to keep, Susanne. I like to walk in the evenings and am waiting for the weather to cool off so I can get back in the swing.