Monday, July 25, 2011


Quote of the week:  The future belongs to those...who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt

And now for the big announcement. (I should have posted this sooner, but you know how time gets away from you. At least it does from me.) Anyhow, do you want to win a Kindle? Do you want to win signed books and other swag? If you haven't entered already, hop on over to Young Adult Authors You've Never Heard Of and start commenting. You can enter every giveaway. It's easy and painless. The end is near. Winner chosen July 31. Here's the link.

I'd enter if I could. Good luck.

Happy Reading and Writing.

Oh, I finished "polishing" my Orphan Train story. It's in the hands of the publisher. I hope I got it right.


  1. Thanks entering now. Oh--and I'm giving away an ARC and an autographed copy of Forever. You can enter that ;)

  2. Great, Beth. Good luck.

    Oh, I've want to read Forever, like forever. Will enter. Thanks.

  3. LOL. It's us, L. Diane. The unheard of. Thanks.

  4. Beverly, thanks so much for sharing about the contests. I'm signed up.

    Best wishes with Orphan Train.