Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I've Been Doing Lately

These pictures are from last fall, but I've been watching the deer lately. Everytime they come up to eat, I think of Bambi. He's one of my favorite characters. I need to set the camera up again so we can keep track of new fawns that should be arriving in May and June. Now that's a beautiful sight. They're so precious.

Notice the legs behind the doe. Her wee one.

Aren't they cute?

Back for dessert.

The whole family came to dinner.

Have a lovely weekend. Take time to enjoy our beautiful world.


  1. These shots are awesome - keep them coming!

  2. Awww! How precious. Hope your weekend was wonderful.

  3. Thanks, Darby. We have this neat camera that you tie to a tree and it snaps the pictures when there's movement.

  4. Thank you, Susanne. The weekend was quiet and relaxing. My favorite kind. Hope yours was a good one too.

  5. Bev, stop by and pick up your Stylish Blogger Award!

  6. Oh my goodness. How neat. On my way. :)

  7. Our deer are positively fearless. I have to wait at the bottom of our driveway until they decide they don't mind if I pull into the garage.

    Lovely photos.

  8. LOL. Aren't people supposed to be in control? Someone forgot to tell the deer that.

    Thanks, C Lee.