Friday, April 15, 2011

Infinite Space, Infinite God II

I am delighted to host award winning author and editor Karina Fabian today on her Virtual Book Tour for the anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God II.

Twelve science fiction stories featuring great adventure with a twist of faith, Infinite Space, Infinite God II spans the gamut of science fiction, from near-future dystopias to time travel to space opera, puzzles of logic to laugh-out-loud humor and against-the-clock suspense. A great read for any science fiction fan; a must-read for those seeking something new in their fiction.

 Karina and her husband, Rob, have put together an enjoyable read of short stories.
The Ghosts of Kourion by Andrew Seddon: A grieving professor escapes back in time to live among a doomed people.

Antivenin by Karina Fabian: Rescue Sister Rita takes on a ship full of venomous snakes in order to save a friend.

An Exercise in Logic by Barton Paul Levenson: How do you convince an infuriatingly logical race to stop an asteroid?

Cathedral by Tamara Wilhite: A genetically engineered human spends the last of her tortured days righting her wrongs.

Otherworld by Karina Fabian: Does sin really count when it's virtual?

The Battle of the Narthex by Alex Lobdell: An alien battle in a most unusual setting--tickles the funny bone and touches the heart!

Tenniel by Colleen Drippe': The battle for souls becomes a battle to the death.

Tin Servants by J Sherer: In order to serve his people, Paul becomes an android--but can he really care for them as a tin servant?

Basilica by John Rundle: Caprizo battles machines and thwarts an enemy armada to keep a doomsday weapon from their hands.

Cloned to Kill by D. Mak: How can a man of peace protect a clone designed to kill.

Frankie Phones Home by Karina Fabian: A sixteen-year-old alien abductee calls her family on the way back for official First Contact.

Dyads, Ken Pick and Alan Loewen: Enter the fascinating culture of the Thalendri in a story of intrigue, terrorist and religious tolerance.

I had the pleasure of reading Infinite God, Infinite Space II. Here is my review.


Karina and Robert Fabian, Editors

Aliens, ghosts, drones, and robots inhabit the pages of INFINITE SPACE, INFINITE GOD II, an anthology of short stories edited by Karina and Robert Fabian. In this book you’ll also read about asteroids, outer space, and genetic engineering. What a great combination. One thing that makes this anthology different to many others is that the stories have a Christian slant, specifically that of the Catholic Church.

Authors/editors Karina and Robert Fabian have put together a selection of stories to entertain you. Along the way you might even learn a lesson or two. I certainly did, particularly about the Catholic faith. I also met some interesting characters. For example, the first story, “The Ghosts of Kourion” by Andrew M. Seddon, introduced me to a man who traveled back in time to escape the pain of losing his wife and daughter. Then there’s Karina Fabian’s “Antivenin,” a tale of two nuns on a rescue mission to outer space. Mmm, if you’re squeamish about snakes, a warning: snakes are present in this story.

If you’re a fan of aliens, the story “An Exercise in Logic” by Barton Paul Levenson, where an asteroid is on a collision course with the planet New Canaan where a colony has been established and Sister Mary Julian, expert on alien religions and formal logic, must find a way to destroy the asteroid before it’s too late, may intrigue you.

The work scientists are doing today in genetic engineering fascinates me and Tamara Wilhite’s story, “Cathedral,” deals with that subject. One of the most touching stories, at least to me, was “Dyads” by Ken Pick and Alan Loewen that told a chilling tale of how Christian beliefs can go astray. Space does not allow me to mention all the tales in INFINITE SPACE, INFINITE GOD II, but the book is an entertaining read with twists and turns that will leave you thinking about the possible future of our world. So if you’re ready to travel to other times and places and to meet people that are not always what they seem, then I recommend this anthology. You might want to read some of the stories with the lights on and the doors locked, however.

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So take a look. I think you'll like what you see.
Thanks for visiting my blog today, Karina. Enjoyed learning more about you and Robert.


  1. I've been hearing about this book and now I REALLY want to read it! Thanks, Bev!

  2. Hi, Darby,

    Looks like you have some good news of your own. I saw where Griffin is out in eBook. Yay. I also friended him on FaceBook. What an exciting summer.

  3. Hi Beverly,

    Thanks for the review. Incidentally, snakes freak me out, too. The research was both fascinating and really disgusting. I still shudder. But I am happy with the result.

    Darby, the book is on sale for Kindle until April 23rd. $2.99--can't beat that!

    Thanks again and God bless,

  4. Hi, Karina,

    LOL. It's funny the things we write about (snakes).

    Congratulations on your book and all the others.

  5. Hi, Beverly. I enjoyed your review of the book. Great post!

  6. Thank you, Susanne. Appreciate your comments. :)

  7. Eeeewww! Snakes! I might not read that one. But the others sure sound like fun. My day ponies are affected by things I read; they have night-mares.

    ~ Yaya

  8. LOL! Love your sense of humor, Yaya. I'll have to remember that one.

  9. I know Karina! Joined her army recently.