Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fun!

Well, now, it's Friday. My fun for today is trying to read the German language. Some of my ancestors came to America from Germany. So it should be easy, right? There should be some memories way back in my brain. Or maybe the language is like Spanish. If so, I can deal with it. Although it's been years ago, (no, I'm not saying how many) I took Spanish courses in high school and college. I still have my Spanish books. Mmm, on a closer look the words are very different.

Okay, by now you're probably thinking I'm crazy. Could be I am. But it is Friday, so I'm having a little fun. What brings out the silliness in me, a normally quiet, serious person? I'll share with you. One of my older novels, Secrets I Have Kept, a mystery for teens, is now available in Kindle at Amazon in Germany. No, the story has not been translated, but is still in English. Part of the information is written in English, part in German. It's interesting trying to figure out what they say about the book. I'm going back later to read some more. 

Here's a little about my novel.

When a girl who plays classical music and rides a horse teams up with a boy who writes country ballads and rides a Harley to rescue her father that has been kidnapped, they make a remarkable discovery that can be man's greatest dream come true, or his worst nightmare.

Secrets I Have Kept
January 2006
179 pages, YA
Wings ePress, Inc.

Available at Amazon in Kindle and Trade Paperback.

Have a nice weekend.
Happy reading and writing.

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