Friday, March 4, 2011


You are invited to my Live Chat tonight, March 4, at Gather. I'll be talking about my books and anything else that comes to mind. You can ask questions and I'll try to answer them. You must be a member of Gather to comment, but you can read what's happening even if you don't belong.

Time: 9 PM ET, 8 PM CT, 7 PM MT, 6 PM CT
Bring: Questions, comments, advice, your thoughts, anything your heart desires. We're a friendly bunch.

Hope to see you all there tonight, March 4, 2011. Just follow the link.

A special thanks to Kimberly Blackadar for telling me about these chats. They are a lot of fun.

Oh, I almost forgot. I'm giving away a signed copy of my YA historical, Caves, Cannons, and Crinolines.

Have a nice weekend. Happy reading and writing.


  1. Can't "be there" tonight, but keep us posted on future chats. It sounds great!

  2. Best of luck tonight, Bev. You're a star! (And I mailed something to you this morning...)

  3. What a great idea, Beverly. Hope to drop by and hear what's happening.

  4. Oh, Darby, I'll be haunting the mailbox next week. You're so sweet. Are you counting the days?

  5. Hi, Beverly. Sounds like it should be interesting. Can't promise, but I'll try to be there for the chat.

  6. I wish I could stop by but Friday nights are one of the few nights my husband and I actually get to spend together. I'm going to miss the chat though, and the chance to win your book. :(

  7. Thanks, Susanne. You don't have to stay the whole time. Just say Hi.

  8. Oh, nothing's better than a night with hubby, Kelly. Have a lovely evening. :)

  9. Hey Beverly,

    This is Connie, your host for the chat tonight.

    I am looking forward to chatting with you. You are so correct, the Gather community is a very welcoming group of members.

    See you in a few hours.


  10. Hi Connie,
    Thanks for stopping by. It won't be long. I'm excited.

    Thanks for hosting me.

  11. Oh, NO! I missed it. An' I missed my chance at winning your book; my favorite Want It of all of 'em. Oh, mayyyy-annnn! Well, at least I'm glad to be on the mend. That was not fun. Be sure to lemme' know 'bout the next chat, k? Thanks.

    ~ Yaya

  12. Hi Yaya. What have I missed? I didn't know you were having problems. Will check out your blog to catch up.

    Hope you're okay now. I'll keep you updated. :)