Friday, February 18, 2011


It appears E-Readers are taking over the world. I'm loving my iPad. It's so much easier on my eyes. The light background makes the print stand out, and I can adjust the size, which is great for my tired old eyes. Years ago, like in 2006, when my YA mystery came out, I bought an RCA eBook. It was great, and it still works. It is so out of date, though, like the manual typewriter I learned to type on in school is compared to a computer that I use today.

The major problem I have with my iPad is being afraid I'll drop it and break the thing. Or else the cat will decide it's her scratching post and leave her claw marks all over the screen. I'm going to extend my warrenty, cause you never know what acts of nature or of man will occur, and when.

Anyhow, I'm happy to announce that three of my books are now on e-readers.

Just Breeze is available on the Kindle Reader.

"And I wondered what planet Cam came from, for no earthling boys I knew were so polite."

Caves, Cannons, and Crinolines, my YA historical fiction, is now on the Nook Book. (Say that 10 times without stopping) It's also on the Kindle.

"And he drew. His nightmares ... his anger ... his heartache. It was more terrifying than I had imagined."

My YA mystery, Secrets I Have Kept, is also on the Kindle.

"In the small garden, tucked in a secluded spot betweeen the hospital and street, Casey found his leather jacket, lying on the ground under the redwood bench. When he stooped to pick it up, he saw the wilted bluebonnet. She was here, and I don't think she left willingly."

So, what do you think about E-Readers?

Happy reading.


  1. Glad your books are on the ereaders now! Mine are, too. Just got an iPhone, so will attempt to read on that device for now.

  2. How exciting. I'm trying to live in the modern world. It does seem to have it's advantages. Those iPhones have everything.

  3. Yay for your books, Beverly! That is great news!
    I have a KOBO reader. I really didn't think I'd like it, but I'm SO happy with it. It's very easy to hold and even easier to read than print books. And so easy to purchase new books!

  4. That's kind of the way I was at first, Terry. Wasn't too crazy about them. But now I think they're great.

  5. Super news about your three books! Hooray. And I wish I had an e-reader, but I'm afraid I would buy even more books than I do now! Which may not be such a bad thing.:-)

  6. Yes, Darby. It is tempting. And you get the book right away, no waiting for the mail. I'm having to say no, no, no. :)

  7. Hi, Beverly. How exciting that three of your books are now eBooks. I don't have an e-Reader, but it is on my wish list. My hubby knows I want one, so I think I might find one under the Christmas tree this year. That is only about 10 months away!

  8. Thanks, Susanne. Yes, I'm excited. I hope you get your Christmas wish. I didn't want a reader at first, but now I'm glad I have one.