Monday, November 8, 2010

A Month of Thanksgiving

Quote for the Week:  Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader-not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon. E. L. Doctorow

In this month of November, my thoughts turn to what I have to be thankful for. So this month I'll be mentioning some, along with book tours I'm hosting that I am thankful for as well, because I love to read good books and reviewing them is a wonderful way to do it.

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Today I'm thankful for God's beautiful world and the creatures he gave us to enjoy.

Yes, I know. The deer are hard to see. This was taken without a telephoto lens (someday I'll get one) at twilight. But you can use a magnifying glass to spot the three deer. Two were in our front pasture and I dashed outside with my camera to snap their picture. Well, of course they ran from the crazy lady with the camera. I managed a couple of pictures. I love the deer. Unfortunately, they are fair game for hunters. Since the season opened, I've been hearing the pop pop of gunfire and can only hope that these little ones are safe.

What are you thankful for, this November, 2010?


  1. What a terrific shot of the deer. You live in a lovely part of Texas, to be sure!

  2. Thanks, Darby. Yes, the white tail deer are plentiful in these parts. Earlier in the year I saw a doe with twins. They were adorable.

    The problem is, across the road from us is a butcher and the hunters bring their trophies to him for processing. I want to tell the deer to stay on our land and they'll be safe, but they can jump a fence like it's not even there.

    We have a night camera set up that shows the deer when they're feeding. Interesting.

  3. It is, Darby. Sometimes you can see other eyes, in the dark, out of range of the camera. You just attach it to a tree where you feed the deer, and the movement makes the camera take their picture.

  4. I'm so so so thankful for my family. They keep me sane and well fed while I'm working ;)

    I love thankful posts. And I love to see deer in the fields. How lovely you caught them, even though they're small.

  5. What would we do without our famiies, Carolina? You are so right. I'm glad they keep you fed.

    Thanks for your kind words.

  6. I'm thankful for my family, my extended family, my church family, all of my online friends, etc...

  7. Our families are so important, Susanne. Hope you're feeling better.

  8. I'm such a chicken, if I was that close to a deer - I'd run (watched animals gone wild too many times with my younger daughter) The picture was nice though :-D

  9. Oh, I never thought of the deer as being agressive, L M. I guess to protect their young they might be. Probably the bucks would be more challenging than the doe. They seem shy. You never know though.

    I was close enough to the house to outrun them if they chased me. :)

  10. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm thankful for my family. Even though my husband has received 2 paycuts in the past 2 years and no a sizing down in his crew, I'm grateful that we can still live in our home.
    I'm grateful for my lovely children and that my teengirl is a sweet as ever--tho she does have her moments--but she always bounces back with such great joy.
    I'm grateful to have God in my life, He has always been mindful.

    Thank you for this lovely post!!

  11. Hi Elizabeth.Thanks for stopping by. You have a lovely attitude. I hope everything runs smoothly for you and your family.

  12. Bev, thanks for reminding me to stop and give thanks. Family, friends, health, and strength to work and work to do are the things I'm most grateful for.

    P.S. Would it be okay if I whisper that I finally got a blog going? Come visit me! :-)

  13. Yes, yes, yes. I just visited your blog. It looks super. I'm a follower now. Enjoy your edits. The time is drawing closer. :)