Friday, November 12, 2010

A Late Veteran's Day Celebration

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I know Veteran's Day was yesterday, but life kept me from posting. We should honor our veterans every day of the year, so I'm adding them to my thankful month of November.

My uncle was in WWI.
My brother served as an MP in WWII. He was stationed in Egypt where he met his lovely wife, and their first child was born.
My husband's oldest brother was in WWII.
His second brother served during the Korean War.
My hubby was in the National Guard and then the Army Reserve.

I am thankful to all of the men and women who left their families and risked their lives for me to live in the safety and comfort of a free America.

We could go all the way back to the beginning of our nation and thank our ancestors who fought in the early wars. The American Revolution. The War of 1812. The American Civil War. And so many others. It seems to me that freedom is bought with a high price. I often wonder why we can't live in peace. Wouldn't it be a beautiful world if we loved others and could live in harmony with one another, not seeing our differences but our likenesses.

Anyway, God bless our men and women who gave their all. 


  1. Thank you for doing this post. My dad served two terms in Vietnam. Don't know how he did it.

  2. Beautiful tribute post, Beverly. I have several family members who have served in the different branches of the military, both in peace time and in war. Thank you for remembering those who fought for our freedoms.

  3. God bless your father, L. Diane. I imagine you're proud of him.

  4. So many of the young men I knew were drafted and sent to Vietnam, Sheri. Those were bad times. As all wars are. Two terms would be hard. God bless your father.

  5. You can be proud of your family members who helped make America safe for us, Susanne. God bless each of them.

  6. Bev, thanks for this uplifting post and for reminding us about our brave warriors!

  7. I need a reminder every now and then, Darby. Thanks.