Monday, November 1, 2010

And the Winner Is ...

This weekend I put Patches to work again. She was lazy, but she finally chose a winner from the Halloween stories and comments you left. I wrote the names on paper, put them in the basket, and the results are below.

                                          Patches Checks Them Out

                               She was lazy and dropped the one she chose.
                                     She had just woke up from her nap.

                                      Naptime again. Cats sleep a lot.
                                              And the winner is ...


A copy of Listen to the Ghost, my paranormal young adult novel, will soon be on its way to you, along with other swag. Thanks to all who participated with your great ghost stories and spooky movies and everything. Have a wonderful November, a month for giving thanks for our blessings.

Happy Reading and Writing.


  1. I am so excited - can't wait to read Listen to the Ghost. And a big thank you to Patches!

  2. Congratulations, Darby. Thanks for participating.

    Have a super week.

  3. Bevery, your books look so great. I'm ordering Just Breeze today .... may be a few weeks before I can read it... but it sounds adorable.

    Sorry I missed the writing contest. Thanks for commenting on my blog and it's always nice to meet a fellow firefighter's wife. :) My hubby is still considered a rookie at his station--been four years now. lol

  4. Hi, Pk. Firefighters are the best. It's a great profession. May your hubby (and you) have a long happy career.

    Thanks for your kind words about my books. Breeze was fun to write. It brought back memories of those middle school years. Enjoy.

  5. That is so cute, Bev. I love Patches!

    Good girl, Patches! Now you can go back to sleep. :-)


  6. She did go to sleep, Mayra. She's asleep now. Her favorite pasttime.

  7. CONGRATS Darby! Enjoy your goodies!

  8. Patches is so much more fun than a random generator!

  9. LOL. Patches is fun. And she's nosey so she always has to see what's in the basket. Usually, she chews the papers up, but this time she was lazy. Thanks for stopping by abitosunshine.

    Hi, Susanne. I hope you're feeling better today.