Friday, June 11, 2010

Midnight Tuesday June 15

So what happens on midnight, Tuesday, June 15? The contest ends for my book launch, that's what. Now I won't be awake to draw the winner then. But the next day, whenever Patches approves (you know cats have the final word in important matters), she'll draw the piece of paper with the winning name. I'll post here and on Wordpress and make the announcement both places.

You were really great and came up with fantastic thoughts on living in a cave, which seemed to be more popular than wearing a crinoline. With the temperatures we've had locally the past few days, I tend to agree. Imagine sweltering in layers of ruffles in 98 degree weather. Give me shorts any day.

If you haven't left a comment, now's the time. I write every name on a post it note, fold them, put them in a basket, and then Patches does her work. I have to be quick before she eats the paper though.

Have a super weekend.


  1. Hi Bev

    Want to leave a comment and enter your contest! Hope I win. :)