Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Things we've heard Dad Say: "The lawn isn't going to mow itself."

The month of June we celebrate our fathers. Here's a little about mine, a wonderful man who left this earth much too soon.

Henry Audra Stowe was born in Olney, TX, September 3, 1901. As you can see he was a barber. I remember the red and white pole outside his shop. The shoeshine stand as you went inside. I think a haircut was a quarter or maybe fifty cents. I was a daddy's girl.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I know you and Mom are celebrating in Heaven.


  1. Thanks for sharing the picture of your dad Beverly. Happy father's Day to all dads!

  2. Hi Susanne.

    Thanks for stopping by. Dad's are awesome.

  3. Our parents always had those 'little' comments, didn't they. Things like...'money don't grow on trees you know,' and 'were you born in a barn?' Enjoyed seeing the picture of your dad, I'm sure he was proud of his little girl.

  4. Yes, they did, Janet. I had forgotten the money one and the barn one too. Thanks for the memory.

    Have a good day.

  5. I love that saying! Yes, I've heard it myself.

    Your dad looks so kindly! :)

  6. There are a lot more of the sayings, Lisa. :)

    Thanks. He was a kind man.