Friday, June 18, 2010

Cafe of Dreams Interview

QUOTE: Things we've heard Dad say. Do what I say, Not what I do.

If you have a chance today, stop by the Cafe of Dreams and see my new interview by April. She has some of the neatest questions for her "Getting to Know..." column. Hope to see you there. Be sure and leave a comment. Cafe of dreams. Thanks, April. I enjoyed answering your questions and the nice surprise that awaited me. :)


  1. Great interview. I left a comment.

  2. Thanks Susanne. I was just over there and saw it. Your book should arrive in a few days. I had so much fun with the contest.

  3. I didn't know April was interviewing you, so it was a nice surprise to see this morning.

    Best of luck with your latest. I've already shared the news with my daughter's teacher about it. She sounded very interested and wrote the title down.


  4. When I saw April's "Getting to know..." column, I requested an interview. To my pleasant surprise, she added the bio part. She's a really nice lady.

    Thanks, Cheryl. I'd love to see schools ordering Caves. That would be so exciting. Several of Lida's books are being used in college courses. I appreciate your support so much.

    I'll be approaching area schools this fall to see who's interested.