Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And the Winner Is ....

Susanne Drazic
You should have received an email.
Thank you for entering my contest. Enjoy your Basket of Goodies.
For pictures of Patches choosing the winner go to my wordpress blog.


  1. Thanks Beverly. Very excited about winning. Tell Patches I said thank you for drawing my name. Enjoyed the pictures of Patches going through the name drawing process too! : )

  2. LOL. She likes to eat the paper so I have to be fast. I mailed your package today. Have a super weekend.


  3. My cat doesn't care for eating paper, but he does like eating dryer sheets. Can't figure out how he's always getting a hold of them. I've finally quit using them because I worry he'll get one stuck in his throat!

    Will let you know when the package arrives.

  4. LOL. Cats are weird creatures. Sometimes I think they're part human. Then they eat paper and I think nope.