Monday, February 8, 2010

What's Happening in My World

Quote of the Week: Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try. From one of my favorites, Dr. Seuss

This week has started off super. One of my favorite things to do is enter contests for book giveaways. Now, I'm not usually a lucky person. I seldom win anything. Recently, however, I've been on a streak and have won some amazing books. I won't list all  of them, but hope to write reviews later, when I find a couple more hours to add to each day. I will mention the latest, however. Three authors with books just out or coming out had a Valentine's Day Contest. You had to finish the poem "Roses are red..." and post on their blogs. So many people entered I thought I had little chance of winning. But it was fun, so I did. Around noon today, I decided to see who won. AND MY NAME WAS LISTED. Woo hoo! Surprise. I also win handmade Valentines by the authors. How cool is that. No covers to show you, but here are the titles I'll be reading shortly:

The Espressologist   by Kristina Springer
Stupid Cupid  by Rhonda Stapleton
A Match Made in High School  by Kristin Walker

Thanks to the authors for their books. Just from the titles, I know I'll enjoy them.
Yay for contests.

The next thing on my agenda is new contracts. I've had a bit of luck (paired with lots of hard work and hair pulling out) and now have signed three contracts for future books.

September 2009:  Frankie's Perfect Home, PB, Guardian Angel Publishin
October 2009:  Scattered to the Winds, MG historical, Twilight Times Books
February 2010:  Life on Hold, YA contemporary, 4 RV Publishing LLC

That should keep me busy for a while.

Happy Reading and Writing, Everlyyone.


  1. Congrats! And I've actually won a few books as well. Always surprises me when I do.

  2. Thank you, L. Diane. Yes, I'm surprised too, but love those surprises.


  3. I believe I've two over a ten-year period. Shocked me sillier than I already am.

  4. LOL, Vivian. I was that way for years. Never won a thing. Then suddenly, I have a stack of free books. Maybe your time will come.