Friday, December 11, 2009

Books for Sale

Just thirteen days until Christmas. I thought I had plenty of time to shop. Wrong. Because of not watching the calendar closely, I'm now scrambling for gifts. I'm taking the easy way out: books on line. The grandkids can expect some of Margot Finke's adorable books any day now. She signs them with what I want her to say and ships them and does it all. How easy is that? I also have some little things to wrap and mail on Monday.

The great-grandkids' books and DVDs are on their way from Amazon.

That leaves the adults. Checks or gift certificates are always appreciated. Of course the best presents would be for everyone to be together for Christmas, but this year it isn't possible.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you still need stocking stuffers or small gifts for the teens in your family, or even for the older folks, my books are on sale until Dec. 15. For details see my Website.

Happy reading and have a super weekend.

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