Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Like this, Cat

Patches here again with my Friday book recommendation.
It's Like this, Cat won the Newbery Medal in 1964. That was way before I was born. But it has a cat in it. It's about a boy named Dave Mitchell and his father who yell at each other a lot. His dad's always telling Dave how educational a dog can be for a boy, so that's why Dave got a cat.
Of course, I know, and you know, that cats are very educational too. Just look at the things I've taught my mom:
How I like to have my chin scratched.
My favorite food.
When I want to go outside or to come inside.
How I like to curl in her lap while she's typing.
Yeah, cats can teach a boy or girl a thing or two.
Happy reading.


  1. I don't believe I've read this book, but I sure want to.
    ~ Just Joany

  2. It's been around a long time, but I had it in my classroom when I was teaching.